School Wide Pawsitive Behavior Program To start each day at Andrew Maier Elementary School a pledge is read by students and carried out throughout the day. Living these words is continuing on a strong tradition where wonderful students, supportive families, and an outstanding faculty and staff work together and inspire each other to make a difference in our world. Showing that you care and that you use kind words are qualities that bring happiness not only to others but back to you as well. Every day we are faced with many choices to make in the way we treat others. When you choose to be kind over being right, you will be right every time. These little choices add up to big things: they define who we are as people. Trying your best and doing your best work is sometimes difficult. We have witnessed students persevere in learning to read and write in kindergarten and develop strong work ethic as they use multiple methods to solve challenging math problems at every grade level. Every problem we encounter in life is a chance for us to do our best. Spirit Days at Andrew Maier happen every month. In the first picture we celebrate Unity Day by wearing Orange to Unite Against Bullying and the second picture is Twin Day! Other spirit days include: Starting every day with a good attitude is key for achieving success in school and life. Being passionate and having a good attitude will allow you to accomplish your goals and nothing will stand in your way of achieving greatness. A tigers Roar is used to communicate and can be heard for miles. When students, families, volunteers, faculty, and staff talk about Andrew Maier Elementary School, their roar is that this school is paws-itive and that school is cool. By having fun, enjoying working together, helping others, and becoming all that you can be, the entire school community, especially the students, make their Roar heard. tiger pride, Dr. Seuss, crazy sock & crazy hair, just to name a few! www.fleetwoodasd.org/ames Andrew Maier Elementary School Andrew Maier Elementary School About us Andrew Maier Elementary was named in honor of Andrew Maier, a Reading baker who donated the land that our school is built on. Andrew Maier has since been renovated twice since its initial structure was built in 1951. The last renovation in 1992 added on classrooms, a gymnasium, art room, music room and computer room. The new additions have been thoroughly enjoyed by all students and staff. Below is a school wide project that was created by our art teacher. Every student in the building participated in the inspiring mural that covers the wall at the main entrance. These words describe the atmosphere of Andrew Maier Elementary!

The Andrew Maier Elementary School staff is committed to excellence, providing a strong program of education that gives all students the opportunities they need to reach their fullest potential in a warm, friendly, and challenging learning environment. Core Curriculum English Language Arts - Students are provided with a comprehensive, integrated, standards-based language arts program that actively involves learners in authentic and meaningful reading, writing, speaking, and listening experiences. Math - Steps used in the EnVision Math Program include connecting prior knowledge to new ideas, connecting student thinking to solve & share important math ideas in the lesson, and the use of visual learning. Science & Social Studies in grades 3 & 4 students alternate with science and Guidance social studies lessons Programs every other day. Our students in kindergarten through fourth grade receive guidance lessons once a cycle. During this time, they are taught valuable lessons that teach our students how to be kind, thoughtful, and caring. Our guidance program also includes opportunities such as: Therapy dog visits The Great Kindness Challenge Breakfast Bags for Seniors Individual & group counseling Student mentoring program through Big Brothers and Big Sisters Special Area Subjects Teaching Cubs to be Tigers! Fleetwood Area School District has implemented the STEM program at the elementary level. Our students are really enjoying their Imagination and Innovation class. Art, Music, Orchestra, Band & Media Physical Education & Health Programs & After School Activities Andrew Maier offers a few different programs and activities throughout the school year such as: Monthly Reading Challenges Study Club Force Girls On The Run (GOTR)

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