WELCOME [www.ncacbsa.org]

WELCOME [www.ncacbsa.org]

WELCOME District Cub Recruiting Training Fall 2017 1 Tonights Agenda Introductions / Welcome (Sometimes District Profile) Growing Your Pack Planning for a Good Joining

Option: Online Applications Executing a Good Joining Season Some Materials to Help You Q&A 2 Growing your Pack The Purpose of Join Scouting Night Explain the Cub Scout program and its organization. Be clear about what Scouting is about and what Scouting is NOT about. Tigers and Lions are different -- so explain the programs. Scouting teaches life-long values: love of country, service to the community, appreciation of the outdoors and the adventure of trying new things Recruit parents to lead new dens, serve on leadership committees or volunteer for one

activity. Demonstrate the adventure ahead by having a schedule ready to hand out. Encourage parent to parent contact. 3 Joining is not just an event, its a process ! 1. Its an organized marketing process designed to recruit new cubs and volunteers within your unit. 2. As with any marketing event, you have to reach your target audience across many channels - You also have to target your marketing with a least 4 -5 methods of reaching new families.

3. Hold a good Joining Night and get parents to fill out applications on the spot. 4. You have to follow through and close the deal 4 Planning for a successful Joining: Marketing Outreach Your target audience should get 4-5 touches from you leading up to JSN. Here are a few examples: 1 Flyer/brochure mailed to potential cub introducing the Pack and inviting them to JSN 2 Information about the Pack and the JSN through the school list serv & neighborhood/community list serv. 3 - Booth at your schools community event and/or meeting. Also take names, E-mails and phone numbers of interested parents. 4 Setting up an information table at your chartering organization.

5 Email parents before JSN reminding them of time and place. 6 Encourage parent to parent contact for new recruits. 7 Place information about Pack in school list serv. 8 Ask key businesses to put up a couple of signs about JSN about 1 week prior. (family restaurants, sport store, toy store) 9 Yard signs with contact information in high visibility location 10 - For those parents who expressed interest about JSN but did not show up, a phone call or E-Mail after the event asking if they are still interested. Get information out and follow up 5 Flyers Paper Paper NCAC will provide copying service. Give enough lead time.

Your design? or NCACs (fillable) 6 Flyers - Electronic What does your school use now? Can you get announcement, or place ad ? PTA lists? Community lists? Chartered org.? In some school systems

Peachjar Contact your District Profesional Social Media Facebook ad 7 Boy Talks Pitch directly to groups of boys ex. at schools, chartered orgs, fairs Private schools Virginia public schools Prince Georges public schools southern Maryland public schools chartered organizations

8 Option: Online Application New from BSA: KEY: Online Applications Cubmaster & For NEW Youth & Committee Chair Adults incl. Lions must be currently BSA-registered in Option for parent to correct position pay BSA registration fee & Boys Life fee directly to BSA

Learn the system before school starts 9 Online Application Reference BSAs Unit Guide: Online Registration Unit Guideboo k (BSA) NCACs Training PowerPoint: http://www.ncacbsa.org/wp-conten t/uploads/2016/03/2017-05-09-Co ncepts-of-New-BSA-Online-Regist

ration-System-NCAC.pptx 10 Holding a Good Joining Night You already know why its great or you wouldnt be here. Now its time to tell everyone else. Arrive Early Set-up the room Have a information on a welcome/sign-in table Have your registrar ready with applications and pens Hand out scouting brochure, schedule, applications and pens Have parent volunteer jobs ready for sign ups. Welcome and then separate the potential cubs from their parents. Ask Boy Scouts to lead program for potential Cubs While Cubs are involved with Boy Scouts, talk with parents.

Plan for about one hour Pack leaders hold presentation/discussion with parents For Tigers, important to get parents to step up to become new den leaders. Get an individual or group talking about Scouts to find your leader. Get the applications and if possible, dues check that evening! Stress that Cub Scouts requires parental involvement this is not babysitting, drop off service or child care. Dont be afraid to ask for help. 11 What to do after your AWESOME Join Scout Night TURN IN Your New Applications ASAP!

Why is this so important to your unit and the scout? (Make your DE Happy) 12 Course of Action 1. Meet with your Committee and set a date for your JSN. 2. Now: Obtain electronic copy of school list serv. Get a parent to be coordinator for each school 3. Send out Save the Date email to potential Cubs introducing JSN 4. Drop off flyers/brochure to be put in childrens take home packets 5. Participate in community program or a school event - Get contact info of interested

cubs 6. Monday before JSN: Email reminder flyer to potential families. 7. Night Before JSN: Call/E-mail interested parents as a reminder. 8. After JSN: Call/E-Mail interested parents who did not show at JSN. 13 Joining Night Resources Yard Signs Adult Applications Youth Applications Parent Guides

Sign-in sheet Registration Form Boys Life mini-mags Stickers NCAC Joining Night planning guide online: 2016 edition: http://www.ncacbsa.org/wp-content/ uploads/2016/03/Rocket-intoScouting-Leaders-Guide-2016.pdf Posters available on request 14 Fall 2017 Rocket into Scouting Free Rocket kit to ALL new youth

members by Oct. 31 Given to Unit at application turn-in Launch events: Districts & field areas encouraged NCACs at Camp Snyder = Sat., Nov. 4 Rocket engines & parts purchase Others may buy rocket kit on-site NEW 2017 Pack may buy launch kits from NCAC 15

Q&A District Contact Information: District Membership Chair, or District Professional (List online: https://www.ncacbsa.org/about-ncac/contact/staff-list/) 16 In Summary Cub Scouting is a great experience for elementary school-aged boys and their families. Cub Scouting, dollar for dollar, has quickly become more cost effective than most anything out there anymore NCAC is well-respected, organizationally strong and financially sound council.

Most importantly youll have fun. Join Scout Night materials provided by your contributions through Family Friends of Scouting. 17

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