To Kill A Mocking Bird By Harper Lee

To Kill A Mocking Bird By Harper Lee

To Kill A Mocking Bird By Harper Lee Story Overview Story is based on a false accusation of rape by a white woman against a black man who turns down her advances

Story Overview Racial issues Story of one man standing up for what is right when no one else will. Time and Place

Small town in rural Alabama in early 1930s Set during the Great Depression Time and Place About half of the African American population lived in the south

Racial tensions, which existed since the Civil War, increased Discrimination Laws, segregation, and a strict social code governed interactions between races. Jim Crow Laws These laws influenced the ways African Americans lived and

interacted with others White people were innocent until proven guilty, while black people were not given the same justices Jim Crow Laws Many whites administered their own justice to accused African American citizens themselves.

Lynchings dramatically increased in the 1930s. The Great Depression To Kill a Mockingbird is set in the midst of the Great Depression In 1933 the United

States had a 25% unemployment rate The Great Depression Millions of American without jobsno homes, land, food Black people not allowed to have the jobs that there were. White people got them. The Great Depression ended in the

late 1930s with the need or war materials b/c of WWII Main Characters The Finch Family Atticus Jem Scout- first person/her point

of view (Jean Louise Finch) Main Characters

Calpurnia- maid, housekeeper Tom Robinson Boo Radley Scouts Classmates Ewell family Walter Cunningham Purpose Mockingbirds dont do on

thing but make music for us to enjoy. They dont eat up peoples gardens, dont nest in corncribs, they dont do one thing but sing their hearts out for us. Thats why it is a sin to kill a mockingbird.

Themes Prejudice and superstition can lead to injustice Individuals have a responsibility to protect the innocent One persons wrongdoings can release evil into the entire community

Themes People often fear what they dont understand The most important part of a childs education may take place in the home and the community, rather then the school Insight, maturity, and integrity have no necessary relation to age, social

position, or formal education. Appearances do not always reflect easily Southern Style and Dialect Chilun- Southern pronunciation for children Collards- A variety of greens grown in the South

Crokersak- Originally a crocus sack: a burlap sack, named b/c the bulbs of crocus flowers were shipped in similar sacks Southern Style and Dialect

Britches- Pants or trousers Knowed- Variation of knew Po- Pronunciation of poor Sho- Pronunciation of sure Tolable- Pronunciation of tolerable, meaning fair, pretty good

Totin- Pronunciation of totingmeaning to carry Atticus Finch

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