Title here - Texas Council of Community Centers

Title here - Texas Council of Community Centers

Health and Human Services Commission Sonja Gaines Deputy Executive Commissioner, Intellectual and Developmental Disability and Behavioral Health Services 1 Latest Org chart 2 IDD-BH 2019 Exceptional Items Exceptional Item Requested Funds Awarded for Biennium Percentage Awarded for Biennium Enhance Mental Health Capacity 59,055,770 59,055,770 100%

Mental Health Grants 22,725,000 22,725,000 100% 2,739,695 2,535,474 92% Community Inpatient Psychiatric Beds 39,410,480 25,973,849 66% Substance Use Disorder Treatment 45,756,175 28,634,844 63% IDD Outpatient Crisis 11,937,104 3,000,000

25% IDD - ECC & TST 13,995,710 3,400,000 24% IDD Crisis Intervention & Respite 20,515,152 4,000,000 19% Enhance Real-Time BH Data Sharing 435,265 435,265 Enhance Procurement and Contract Management Functions 5,673,124 1,873,904 Residential Treatment Center Beds 100%

33% 3 Other HSC Exceptional Items State Hospitals and SSLCs Exceptional Item Percentage Awarded for Biennium Prevent loss of services Requested Funds Awarded for Biennium 90% 46,762,600 42,337,600 Expand capacity at SASH and KSH 100% 15,514,375 15,514,375 Salary Increases for Facility Staff

50% 38,951,436 19,461,844 Enhancing Services Through Technology 39% 31,115,880 12,028,000 Addressing Major Building, Fleet, Equipment Failures 84% 279,128,215 234,903,815 IDD Interest List Slots Program CLASS DBMD HCS MDCP STAR+PLUS HCBS TxHmL TOTAL

Requested Received 719 8 2,375 235 397 905 4,639 240 8 1,320 60 0 0 4 1,628 Mental Health Block Grant Expansion Development Initiation Execution Monitoring Evaluation Clubhouses

Consumer Operated Service Providers Coordinated Specialty Care Supported Housing Rental Assistance Program Mental Health First Aid Outreach Workers MentalHealthTX.org web site Behavioral Health Awareness Online Training Suicide Care Initiative 5 Statewide Behavioral Health Coordinating Council State government agencies work together to address behavioral health issues across Texas Health and Human Services Commission Department of State Health Services Office of the Governor Texas Education Agency Texas Veterans Commission Texas Tech University System Department of Family and Protective Services Texas Commission on Jail Standards

Texas Military Department Texas Workforce Commission University of Texas, Health Science Center at Houston Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs University of Texas, Health Science Center at Tyler Texas Indigent Defense Commission Texas Civil Commitment Office Court of Criminal Appeals Texas Department of Criminal Justice Texas Juvenile Justice Department Health Professions Council (six member agencies) 6 Texas Behavioral Health Unified and Strategic Approach HHSC Mental Health Services

Continuum of Care 8 Behavioral Health Matching Grant Programs HB 13 + SB 292 Grant Program Dashboard Texas Veterans + Family Alliance Grant SB 55-84R Urban Projects 49 Rural Projects 36 Urban + Rural 19 Early Grant Program Outcomes: Community Mental Health Grant HB 13-85R Statewide

Behavioral Health Strategic Plan Healthy Community Collaborative s Grant SB 1849-85R Mental Health Grant for JusticeInvolved Individuals SB 292-85R Almost $77 million in general revenue to nearly 100 organizations in over 230 counties Over 3,700 individuals connected with ongoing treatment Nearly 420 individuals in crisis diverted from hospitals Over 135 individuals in crisis diverted from emergency rooms Over 1,630 individuals diverted from coming into 9 contact with the criminal justice system Behavioral Health Matching Grant Report Card 10 11

HCBS-AMH Service Growth Available to participants Contracts Executed / Current not available to participants* * Regions may be unavailable to participants because: Only one of the necessary roles is contracted (Provider Agency or Recovery Management entity) An entitys contract has been executed, but they have not yet launched services 12 HCBS-AMH Outcomes Mental Health ED Visits Per Month Psychiatric Hospital Days per Month Before Enrollment After Enrollment 0.70 Before Enrollment After Enrollment 22.3 0.63 19.2 0.31

0.20 3.1 3.0 All Clients (-71%) Average (-51%) Preliminary findings through December 31, 2017 (6 clients) All Clients (-86%) Average (-84%) Data through April 1, 2019 (29 clients) Coordinated Specialty Care Fiscal Year Unduplicated Target # of Clients Unduplicated # of Clients Served FY 15 120 149

FY 16 120 186 FY 17 360 382 FY 18 360 670 FY 19 To Date 360 544 Current CSC Sites 1. Bluebonnet 2. Burke 3. Center for Health Care Services 4. Emergence 5. Harris 6. Integral Care 7. Metrocare 8. Panhandle 9. Tarrant

10. Tropical Expansion Sites 2019 1. LifePath Systems 2. West Texas Centers 3. Coastal Plains Center 4. Tri-County Behavioral Health 5. Denton County MHMR 6. Texana Community MHMR 7. Central Counties Services 8. Community Healthcore 9. Spindletop Center 10.Andrews Center 11.Border Region 12.Pecan Valley 13.Texoma Center 14.Bluebonnet (expanding) 14 Waitlist State ( ((All) State All)) Wait List Average Monthly Served NorthSTAR Transition occurred January 2017 200,000

8,000 7.6% funding increase 180,000 7,000 160,000 12.3% funding increase 140,000 6,000 6.1% funding increase 5,000 120,000 100,000 4,000 80,000 3,000 60,000 2,000 40,000 1,000 20,000

0 Sep- 11 0 Sep- 12 Sep- 13 Sep- 14 Sep-15 Sep- 16 Sep-17 Sep- 18 15 Mental Health Crisis Services FY 2018 -- Clients Receiving Crisis Services Within 180 days: 98.5% of those receiving MCOT services were NOT arrested 99% of those receiving other crisis services were NOT arrested 98.4% of those receiving MCOT services were NOT hospitalized 99.7% of those receiving other crisis services were NOT hospitalized 16

Mental Health First Aid Numbers Trained 70000 60000 50000 40000 30000 20000 10000 0 FY14 FY15 FY16 Instructors Community Members FY17 School District Employees Totals FY18 FY19 FY14-FY19 University Employees 17

CCBHC System Impacts 18 Texas Targeted Opioid Response Services T r e at m em E Pee rS upp lon p ort m ty nt ei S pp u n or C t li n ic Opioid Response Continuum of Services n of t he

P Safe Drug D MP isposal ov Rec Uti liza tion res cri bin g ery Sa fe P Office ent in Treatm v O erd ose Pre

ven n tio Pre ve n tio Treatment ing ous H ry ove c e R Reentry Sup port Opioid Response Integrated Services Emergency Response Community Access Pre-Arrest Diversion 19 Increase in Proportion of Individuals with OUD 40%

Receiving MAT 37% 35% 34% Percent OUD Admissions to MAT 30% 25% 25% 20% 15% 16% 10% 5% 0% 2016 2017 2018 TTOR Goal 20

SOR Supplemental Funds Interagency Collaboration Plan Behavioral Health Coordinating Council & HHSC Partners $6,000,000 2/28/20 $6,833,923 $1,339,184 $2,580,313 $2,354,945 21 MFP Projects Transition Support Teams 1000 800 600 400 200 0 790 530 510 353 228 192 204

186 FY 2018 Q1 FY 2018 Q2 FY 2018 Q3 161 Educational Opportunities 278 364 142 FY 2018 Q4 Technical Assistance 253 199 109 FY 2019 Q1 225 211 140

FY 2019 Q2 Case Consultations Enhanced Community Coordination 1000 800 600 400 200 0 918 FY 2018 Q2 923 FY 2018 Q3 874 FY 2018 Q4 723 721 FY 2019 Q1 FY 2019 Q2 Individuals Served

22 MFP Projects Cost of Care $800 $700 $600 $500 $400 $300 $200 $100 $0 SSLC/Hospital Respite ECC/TST 78% of individuals referred to crisis respite services are reunified to their home and community settings following a crisis event 23 Amendment (SPA) Phase One Habilitation Coordination Workgroup spent more than 1,500 hours to create program from the ground up. Habilitation Coordination trainings will begin May 1, 2019 and continue through June 30, 2019 across the state to all local authority staff.

The Habilitation Coordination service is anticipated to become effective July 7, 2019. 24 Amendment (SPA) Phase Two Additional Habilitative Services The SPA workgroup is beginning to work on the second phase of the SPA relating to the additional habilitative specialized services. Phase II of the implementation is projected to be finished in Spring, 2020. The additional specialized services include: o Behavioral Support o Employment Assistance o Supported Employment o Day Habilitation o Independent Living Skills Training 25 Thank you Sonja Gaines, Deputy Executive Commissioner (512)487-3447 [email protected] www.MentalHealthTX.org

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