Teaching literacy and mathematics in Y3 - lancsngfl.ac.uk

Teaching literacy and mathematics in Y3 - lancsngfl.ac.uk

Making Writing Real! Aims To reinforce the range of text-forms; To consider the variety of writing outcomes within each text-form; To maximise the opportunities for writing in Literacy and across the curriculum. The Sequence from Reading to Writing Shared Reading Immersion and analysis Gathering Content Shared Writing Planning, composing, editing and revising

Guided Writing Pre-writing, writing, post writing Independent Writing Investigating, practising and applying skills Outcome Bringing to presentation Planning Circles Shared reading: decoding understanding text analysis Gathering ideas and content: Visual literacy, drama, speaking and listening, Short writing opportunities Planning, shared writing,

independent and guided writing: creative outcomes Literacy Outcomes F ormat L anguage A udience P urpose Format What format should it take? Book, leaflet, essay, video, headings, sub-headings, diagrams, bullets, fact-files, photos; Unit outcomes should look different as the

children move through the school; Looking at inspirational examples; More sophisticated structures should begin to appear. Does the format enhance the text? Language The language should be appropriate for the text -type formal, informal; The vocabulary becomes increasingly precise or technical; Connectives reflect the text-type; Sentence structure is varied and manipulated for effect; Children are taught to say the sentence from the earliest age If you cant say it, you cant write it! What sort of words will we need for this? What sort of sentences will we need? Is the language appropriate for the purpose and audience? Purpose

What is the purpose of this text? To inform, persuade, argue, discuss, entertain, stimulate, instruct, challenge. Does the text reflect its purpose? Audience Who is it for? How can they be engaged/attracted to the text? How is the text adapted for the audience? Does the text suit the audience? Text Forms. . . . How to write Recount including Diaries, Biography, Autobiography and Journalistic writing Instructions Non-chronological report Explanation Discussion Persuasion See text-form leaflets.

Narrative Poetry Playscript Activity Look at the handout with the six non-fiction text-forms. In pairs, list as many possible text-types beneath each one. Possible Text Types Recount: letter autobiography

diary or journal newspaper report magazine article science experiment Explanation encyclopaedia entry non-fiction book technical manual question and answer articles and leaflets write-up of science experiment Multi-modal Report information leaflet tourist guide encyclopaedia entry magazine article

non-fiction book letter Persuasion Discussion newspaper editorial non-fiction book on an issue write up of a debate formal essay leaflet or article giving balanced account of an issue advertisement catalogue travel brochure pamphlet from pressure group newspaper/magazine article poster or flier

book blurb letter to editor or editorial Instructions recipe technical manual non-fiction book timetable, route-finder list of rules posters, notices, signs sewing or knitting pattern instructions on packaging Text-form checklist Purpose and audience Structure Text-Type

Language Features Writers Knowledge Planning Skeletons The planning skeletons have been developed by Sue Palmer. They are a visual representation of the structures of each text type Link knowledge and understanding with the literacy skills required to record that understanding They are particularly useful for visual learners Main Objective: ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~

Ge nreChe cklist Purpose and Audience ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ Structure and organisati on ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Gathe

ringCo nte nt K W L Planning Intro ductio n ~~~~~~~ Diagram Genre Languagefeatures ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Writers knowledge~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ Key Fe ature s:

~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~ TheDaily Gossip

AnnotatedExam ple ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~ Drafting Share dwriting

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ MarkingLadde r SuccessCrite ria Objective ~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ EditingandRe vising Sym bo ls Conne ctive s PlanningSkele tons ~~~~~~~~~~ EditingandRe vising

Punctuation . , ? ! : ; -( ) Spelling ~~~~ Paragraph // Re-order sentence Better vocab * Missingword ^ Adddetail + p Punctuation ~~~~

Bright Ide asandBrainW ave s! Te chnical Vo cabulary WAGOLL What agood onelookslike Gathering Content . . . . What to write

Brainstorming Concept mapping KWL grid QUADS grid Role play Flow diagrams Mind-mapping Sound Think, say, feel

Visits Visitors Retelling Still and moving image Drama techniques Drawing and labelling Time-lines Skimming, scanning, key words Blitzed Site 1942 L.S. Lowry KWL Grids K What do I Know? W What do I Want to know? L What have I

Learnt? Think, say, feel Short writing opportunities Post it notes Story map Notes Diary Letter Poem Email or text messages

Problem page For and against Fact boxes Summarising Character profiles Thought bubbles and speech bubbles Short play script/conversation/ dialogue/gossip Story map Activity Choose one of the following options. In

pairs use the picture to write: A letter to problem page; family; colleague; council housing department; A diary entry; A newspaper report; A poem. Possible Newspaper Headline: Boys chemistry homework goes up in smoke! Possible poem There was a small boy from Fleetwood Who never would do what he should Hed turned on the gas But had forgotten the match So the house fell down where he stood! Anon (not surprisingly!) A short film to illustrate the importance of clear communication Home time!

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