One size does not fit all Site selection is no longer a complete formula for success Patients outside of the site Patients at the site 2

85% of clinical trials fail to finish on time Source: Clinical Leader 3 Rescue patient recruitment: What can I do asap to save my clinical trial?

4 The good news: There are more solutions out there! Patient Advocate Groups Health websites and communities

Influencers/ Bloggers Mobile Apps 5 Patient-focused recruitment means: Omni-channel targeting active reach out to patients wherever they are

6 We need two components: 1. Database of multiple patient recruitment solutions 2. An infrastructure to combine multiple solutions and guide the right patients to the right clinical trial sites. FindMeCur

e Enabling patients to volunteer for clinical trials Phase III Study for patients having Metastatic gastric cancer Challenge: Patient recruitment is a real challenge because of the eligibility criteria and no access to eligible patients Duration: 60 days Results: 55 Patient applications

9 Patients eligible and screened 9 Phase III Study for patients having Ulcerative Colitis Challenge: Hard patient recruitment due to eligibility criteria and a lot of competitive trials Duration: 3 months Location: UK, Poland Results:

254 Patient applications 31 Patients eligible and screened 10 FindMeCure - universal infrastructure enabling the right patients to volunteer for the right clinical trials Patient Organisation s Health websites

and communities Influencers/ Bloggers patients patients patients patients

Mobile Apps eligible patients Trial 1 eligible patients Trial 2 eligible

patients Trial 3 eligible patients Trial 4 11 Empower sponsors and CROs to:

1. Be able to identify best alternative patient recruitment solutions. 2. Be able to combine and manage multiple solutions at the same time. Healthcare now is more of a partnership than it has ever been! Maya Zlatanova / [email protected] / +44 20 8144 5712

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