Roundtable on M&A - Fuqua School of Business

Roundtable on M&A - Fuqua School of Business

Roundtable on International M&A Moderated by Professors John Graham and Ray Groth, this group of leading M&A professionals discuss their experiences and perspectives in the dynamic environment of international business Mr. John Bick: Davis Polk & Wardwell Partner. Leading private equity lawyer The Best Lawyers in America Mr. John Fowler: Deutsche Bank Securities Vice Chairman. Deutsche Banks European Health Care Group Head. Mr. John Pfeffer: KKR European Retail Sector Group Head. Director of Toys R Us, Vendex KBB, and Auto Teile Unger. Date: April 18th Time: 10:30am 12:30pm Location: Geneen Auditorium, Fuqua School of Business Supported by: Roundtable on International M&A

- Participant Bios - Mr. John Bick, a member of Davis Polk & Wardwells Corporate Department, advises clients in mergers and acquisitions, private equity transactions, joint ventures, partnerships, takeover defenses and corporate governance issues. Among his recent clients and matters are Morgan Stanley in its acquisition of Barra; Marks and Spencer in the sale of Kings Super Market; H.J. Heinz in its strategic investment in Hain Food Group; Allegiance Healthcare in its merger with Cardinal Health; Toshiba and Itochu in their investment in Time Warner Entertainment. He recently represented Vanguard Health Systems in its sale to Blackstone Capital Partners. He also represented Morgan Stanley on the bail-out of Long Term Capital Management. Mr. Bick also works extensively in the area of private equity, regularly representing Morgan Stanley Private Equity , Metalmark Capital and Tailwind Capital Partners. He has served as lead partner in the organization of several PE, VC and oil and gas funds through Morgan Stanley and Helios Energy Partners. Mr. Bick joined Davis Polk in 1983 and became partner in 1991. He has been named a leading private equity lawyer by each of Chambers Global/USA, PLC Global Counsel 3000, the IFLR 1000, and The Best Lawyers in America. Mr. John Fowler is Vice Chairman of Deutsche Bank Securities, where he currently works with investment banking clients, primarily in the health care sector. Based in London, he is also Head of DBs European Health Care Group. He founded and was formerly head of health care investment banking at Salomon Brothers (1986-1998) and held a similar role at JPMorgan (1998-2001). He was previously president and a director of Large Scale Biology Corporation, a publicly traded biotechnology company (20012003) and Managing Director of Bio-Strategic Directors LLC, a management consulting firm focused on early-stage and troubled biotechnology companies (2003-2004). Mr. Fowler is currently a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Virginias Darden Graduate School of Business, where he teaches a mergers and acquisitions course. He served as the lead director of Beverly Enterprises, the largest USbased publicly traded nursing home company, which was sold in March 2006. He earned his BA, MBA and JD degrees from the University of Virginia. Mr. John Pfeffer has been with KKR for six years and heads the European Retail Sector Group. In addition, he is active in covering investment opportunities in the Iberian peninsula and in the hotel and leisure sector. He has been involved in four portfolio companies and is currently on the boards of Toys 'R' Us, Vendex KBB and Auto Teile Unger. Prior to KKR, Mr. Pfeffer was Chief Executive Officer of Groupe Allium S.A., the largest computer reseller and service provider to corporations and governments in France, Italy and Spain. Prior to that, he was with McKinsey & Co. in Paris and Brussels where he specialized in turnarounds. He has a B.A., with Distinction from Duke University and an M.B.A. from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University. Supported by:

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