Product Data Management - UNC A

Product Data Management - UNC A

Product Data Management CSCI 343 Database Management Systems Spring 1998 Tom Ryan Product Data Management Better Control with PDM by Adele Hars in February, 1998 BYTE Magazine

PDM systems can enhance management systems when applied enterprise-wide. Restrict the discussion to the manufacturing environment PDM - Information Storage Storage and classification of component and assembly drawings Organization of information pertaining to

product development Definition of relationships among parts and sub-assemblies Enhance access to engineering information PDM Hey Bob! We finally got those product specs and I think the ignition

unit on that grill is way too powerful. liteside/ls960328.shtml PDM - Process Management Work Management - What happens when someone works on data Workflow Management - Manage the flow

of data between people Work History Management - Keep track of all events and movements which occur during the development cycle PDM Benefits Reduced Time - to - Market Improved Design Productivity Improved Design and Manufacturing

Accuracy Data Integrity Safeguarded Better Control of Projects Better Management of Engineering Change PDM - The Database Traditionally Relational O/O offers improved functionality Type of data used for PDM applications no

longer matters with O/O O/O offers flexibility not provided by relational models WEB Integration PDM - The Future Improved integration with purchasing, production and after-market support Integration with Management Systems

Improved supplier integration Improved costing/accounting integration Improved bottom line

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