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PowerPoint 프레젠테이션

Wonderful Sunday School Children!! Ruth 1. During what period did the story of Ruth occur? (Ruth1:1) Captivity Divided kingdom Judges Prophets

Answe r: 3 2. At the beginning of the Book of Ruth we are told of a famine which hit the lands of the Israelites. One man, Elimelech, left the

promised land in search of food, taking his wife and sons with him. What was the name Answ of Elimelech's wife?(Ruth1:2) 3 3. Why did Elimelech and his family go to Moab? (Ruth1:1-2) An angel told them Famine Pestilence

War Answ er: 2 4. What were the names of Elimelech's two sons? (Ruth1:2) Jacob & Esau Pharez & Zarah

Mahlon & Chilion James & John Answ er: 3 5. Who was Ruth's first husband, Naomi's son ? (Ruth1:2) Jesse Obed

Mahlon Elimelech Answ er: 3 6. Who was the first to die in Moab? (Ruth1:3) Chilion Elimelech

Mahlon Naomi Answ er: 2 7. How many years did Naomi sojourn in Moab? (Ruth1:4) About 2 years

About 5 years About 8 years About 10 years Answ er: 4 8. Where was Ruth from?(Ruth1:4) Greece Samaria Moab

Judea Answ er: 3 9. While in the land of Moab three of the four family members died. Which one survived? (Ruth1:5)

Elimelech, the father Naomi, the mother Mahlon, the elder son Answer 2 Chilion, the younger son : 10. Why did Naomi decide to return from the country of Moab? (Ruth1:6-7) Famine

War Her relatives invited her She was afraid of how the Moabites would treat her Naomi heard in Moab that the LORD Answ had 5 11. Why did Naomi encourage her daughtersin-law to stay in Moab? (Ruth1:8-13)

Because the Jews had no dealings with Moabites She felt they had a better chance to find a husband in Moab She had noAnsw home in Judah 2 Their relatives er: were there

12. Who went back to her people? (Ruth1:14-15) Esther Orpah Rahab Ruth Answe r: 2

13. Who said Entreat me not to leave you, or to return from following after you: for where you go, I will go; and where you lodge, I will lodge: your people shall be my people, and Answ your God my God?(Ruth1:16-18) 4 er:

Esther Orpah 14. After her family had died Naomi decided to return home to Israel. She said farewell to her daughters-in-law but Ruth would not leave her. When Naomi and Ruth arrived back Naomi changed her name to

Answ Mara. 1 15. What did Naomi want to be called? (Ruth1:19-21) Mara Mary Rebekah Sara Answer:

1 16. At what season did Ruth and Naomi return to Bethlehem? (Ruth1:22) In the beginning of barley harvest The feast of the Passover The feast of tabernacles Winter Answ er:

1 17. To whom was Boaz a kinsman? (Ruth2:1) Elimelech Naomi Samuel All of the above Answ er:

1 18. What did Ruth do in the field of Boaz? (Ruth2:2-4) Gleaned Plowed Pruned Sowed seed Answ er:

1 19. What did Boaz ask Ruth to do? (Ruth2:8-9) Abide with his maidens Glean in his field Keep her eyes on the field where they reaped All of the above Answ

4 er: 20. What had Boaz heard about Ruth? (Ruth 2:11-12) All that she had done for her mother in law since the death of her husband She had left her father and mother She trusted in the LORD God of Israel

All of the aboveAnsw 4 er: 21. Why did Boaz allow Ruth to glean in his field? (Ruth 2:12) He had a large harvest He was short of workers She was beautiful She had looked after Naomi Answ

er: 4 22. What did Boaz tell his young men to do? (Ruth 2:15-17) Let Ruth glean even among the sheaves Let fall some handfuls of purpose for Ruth Reproach her not

Answ All of the above 4 er: 23. How much did Ruth glean on her first day? (Ruth 2:17) 1 ephah of oats 2 ephahs of oats 1 ephah of barley 2 ephahs of

barley Answ er: 3 24. How long was Ruth allowed to glean in the field of Boaz? (Ruth 2:23) To the end of barley harvest and of wheat harvest Until Boaz felt she had enough

Until they plowed up the fields Until winterAnsw er: 1 25. Which other harvest did Ruth glean in? (Ruth 2:23) Wheat harvest Olive harvest Maize harvest

Grape harvest Answer: 1 26. What was Boaz doing at the threshing floor? (Ruth 3:2) Making bread Threshing grain Winnowing barley Treading

grapes Answer: 3 27. What did Ruth do while Boaz was sleeping? (Ruth 3:4) Uncovered his feet and lay down Gently woke him up Covered his head and sat next to him Asked his servant to wake him

Answer: 1 28. How did the townspeople regard Ruth? (Ruth 3:11) As a beautiful woman As a virtuous woman As a caring woman As an obedient woman

Answer: 2 29. Where did Ruth lie down after Boaz fell asleep? (Ruth 3:14) At the feet of Boaz At Naomis house In the field where she gleaned With the rest of the gleaners Answ er:

1 30. What did Ruth bring to Naomi? (Ruth 3:17) Barley Flowers Fruit Money Wheat Answe

r: 1 31. Boaz asked the closer relative if he wanted to marry Ruth and to be responsible for Ruth and Naomi. He did this in front of which witnesses? (Ruth 4:1-4) The local elders

Naomi and Ruth Answ The Judge of the time 1 32. How many elders witnessed Boaz's agreement with the kinsman? (Ruth 4:2) 2 5 10 12

Answer: 3 33. What did Boaz say Naomi was selling? (Ruth 4:2) A jewel of great price A parcel of land A vineyard A donkey

Answ er: 2 34. Why does the kinsman not want to marry Ruth? (Ruth 4:6) Too busy Didn't like her Already married Didn't want to spoil inheritance

Answer: 4 35. What was the method of confirming a transfer of property? (Ruth 4:7-8) A priest confirmed the transfer of property One man plucked off his shoe, and gave it

to his neighbor The men walked between pieces of meat Answ 2 The men shook hands 36. What did Boaz buy and acquire? (Ruth 4:9-12) All that was Elimelech's All that was Chilion's and Mahlon's Ruth to be his wife

All of the above Answ er: 4 37. Who became nurse to Ruth's son? (Ruth 4:16) Boaz's niece Ruth's handmaid, Zillah Orpah Naomi

Answ er: 4 38. Ruth and Boaz married and she gave birth to a son. What was the son named? (Ruth 4:17) He was named Oreb He was named Obed He was named Ornan

He was named Obadiah Answ 2 er: 39. Who was Ruths great-grandson? (Ruth 4:13-22) David Jesse Obed Solomon

Answ er: 1 40. What is the meaning of the Hebrew word Ruth? Friend Compassion Daughter Mercy

Answer: 1 Congratulations!!

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