Centralized Support for Service Desk and Desktop across

Centralized Support for Service Desk and Desktop across

Centralized Support for Service Desk and Desktop across UCSF Campus and Medical Center A Case Study If the customer feels like it was poor service, then it was poor service. We are in the customer service perception business. Presented to UC-CSU By Julie Cox and Sian Shumway Directors, UCSF IT Service Desk and Field Services July 11, 2013

1 Objectives of Consolidated Service Desk and Field Services To provide elevated and expanded services while driving efficiencies through standardization, systems, tools and processes One Team Approach to allow for transparency and quicker problem resolution through better collaboration and communication 2

Context for Collaboration Operations Excellence directive from Chancellor Consolidation was based on: o Service improvement o Reduced cost, improved efficiency Anticipated benefits o Single point of contact o Improved service o Transparency for our customers o Lower cost o 24 x 7 support o Student support 3

Service Desk Design Relocation of all help desks to single location Staff would remain in their own departments/budgets but would report to one Director o Introduced a challenge that still exists Begin with 4 major help desks and add others as Field Services consolidated as a second phase Add Student Support 4 Implementation Implementation began at the end of January 2011.

Consolidation was dependent on conversion to single Servicenow ITSM tool Met planned Go Live of December 31, 2011 Implementation resources used Project Manager (ended up with only a 20% resource) 5 Implementation

Experienced Transition Consultant (75%) Documenter for Knowledge Base (25%) Trainer (utilized existing supervisor and manager) Service-now Team (internal team) Implementation Team o PM, Director, Managers of existing teams o Brought in other existing resources as needed to participate in and lead specific areas, i.e. Remote access, metrics, communications, desktop workflow, etc. 6 Implementation Costs

Service-now implementation (Not just Service Desk) Consulting Training ( Knowledge/Mac) Service Desk temps Co-location expenses Software (Bomgar/OpenScape) Hardware (Mac-minis) $827,000 Total $1,547,000

344,000 15,000 120,000 68,000 159,000 14,000 7 Challenges: Implementation Project Management (20%) Broke up project plan into 10 different key sections and identified an internal resource to manage each section

Decentralized desktop support Developed individual workflows within KB Identified desktop support team by customer Continues to be a challenge 8 Challenges: Implementation School of Medicine/ SF General Hospital Needed to maintain specific support levels (high touch) Skilled a smaller team to handle these calls Training took longer for this skill group Added Student Support during implementation Determined most similar to campus

Trained campus agents to take these calls until consolidation complete Worked with Library to handle on site support Brought Library staff up on Service-now earlier 9 Challenges: Implementation Commitment to reduce staff without support doc Took on SFGH support as well as student support with 2 fewer staff This had less of an overall impact and was mostly handled by skills-based routing Commitment to reduce additional 4 FTEs at go live

Unable to achieve due to volume increase and complexity of the environment Received agreement from CIOs to re-evaluate within 3 months 10 Challenges: Implementation Service-now not implemented for campus until mid November This delayed the build of the KB and training of the staff Put all of the workflows in the KB and trained staff on how to find them KB search not very efficient Focused training during the last week which was a slow

week (close to December holiday) 11 Challenges: Service Delivery Different workflows/equipment/service expectations for desktop support Continues to be a challenge until desktop consolidation complete Affects our ability to be as efficient as possible Continue to develop our KB Brought in HDI to provide KCS training Purchased Mac-minis for all analysts Used outside firm to develop online Mac training

Utilized staff/expertise from other departments to assist in training 12 Challenges : Service Delivery Brought in a desktop resource at the SD during peak time Continue to have one smaller skill-based team Determined highest priority service delivery is to answer calls within 60 seconds or less Increased volume, inconsistency in environment, complexity in environment o Added 3 temporary staff for 6 months still utilizing staff. Will re-evaluate when FS consolidation

complete o Volume increased somewhere between 12%-26% 13 TOTAL CALL VOLUME FOR CY 11/12 14 WEEKLY TREND REPORT Volume by Queue 2500 2000

1500 1000 500 0 15 WEEKLY TREND REPORT Average Wait Time by Queue (Bus Hrs Only) 1:40

1:26 1:12 0:57 0:43 0:28 0:14 0:00

16 WEEKLY TREND REPORT Level 1 Resolution by App/Business 120.00% 100.00% 80.00% 60.00% 40.00%

20.00% 0.00% 17 UCSF Service Desk 18 Symon Board - Queues by Skill 19

UCSF IT SERVICE DESK 20 Desktop Support Consolidation Operational Excellence recommendations: Consolidate departmental desktop support staff into Information Technology Services (central IT) Departmental conversions over a period of 2 yrs Staff would report to Director of IT Field Services Planned consolidation for Medical Center IT Field Services near end of consolidation Provide two service levels for customers

Charges would be allowable to contracts and grants 21 Desktop Support Consolidation Early deliverables: Two largest providers of desktop support consolidated first: School of Medicine and Information Technology Service Organizational design proposal Staffing strategy developed and implementation Recharge rate approval Negotiations for inclusion of support costs to contracts and grants Advisory Board formation

22 Timeline 3/2012 6/2012 8/2012 9/2012 10/2012 OE Recommendations finalized Director hired Implementation design team formed Organizational design proposed

Service Catalog defined Implementation team formed Job descriptions finalized and classified Complete Manager and Phase 1 Field Technician Hiring 11/2012 1/2013 2/2013 Staff training: ITFS Field Techs and Service Desk 2/25/2013 Service Go-Live 3/2013-12/2014 Convert departments 23

Implementation Design Using the OE recommendations as a guide a team of campus stake holders were brought together for six weeks to develop: Services descriptions Service catalog Draft Service level agreement At the end of the sprint, a smaller core team was formed to carry out implementation. 24 Implementation Planning The devil is always in the details:

Escalation planning for hand-offs Training for staff Knowledge base expansion Conversion process Communication strategy Staffing transitions Operational procedures Storage and backup solution scaling And everything else that came up! 25 Implementation Costs Software/Supplies:

ServiceNow enhancements Mac end point management BigFix server upgrade, test licenses S&E for Staff (computers, phones etc) Backup Staffing Senior Project Manager Project Mgr & Business analyst Desktop Engineering team Increased staffing during transition TOTAL (est) 15,000 30,000

20,000 90,000 250,000 232,000 160,000 820,000 600,000 2.22M 26 Staffing strategy

All positions undergo open recruitment Variety of communications to campus Hire first year (2012)of positions with staggered start dates Hire second year of staff the following year (2014) with staggered start dates Recruitment limited to UCSF career employees to give them first priority o Unfilled positions will be recruited externally Tiered recruiting (supervisory, senior positions first) 27

Staffing principles Hire and retain the best UCSF staff Leverage/preserve support relationships where possible Recognize the importance of UCSF experience and expertise Staggered onboarding to minimize customer support impact 28 Organizational chart

29 Go-Live preparations Extensive training all done internally Sessions taught by SMEs and recorded Communications: service introductions and forming new relationships with departments

Shared management in partnership with Service Desk for vacant Field Manager position Go-live consisted of the existing customer bases of ITS, School of Medicine, and a few early adopters. 30 Conversion challenges Based on early adopter conversions, developed a detailed, robust process utilizing all levels of the organization Complexity of environment Varying degrees of support needs Departmental cost constraints

Software and hardware supportability Rate of conversion to sustain financial model Service desk workflow Service level differentiation Operating procedures 31 Current State Administrative departments not already supported converting first Required participation is expected across the organization with limited opt-out pending proof of service levels Staff rotation and collaboration for employee

development and training Demonstrated service delivery improvement with IT partners 32 What the Future Holds Planned CIO consolidation for Campus and Medical Center Further IT consolidation planned to eliminate redundancy, reduce complexity in the organization to improve the customer experience Focus on employee engagement and cultural change Focus on delivering exceptional customer service Reduce overall costs while improving service

33 Lessons Learned

Hire a full time project manager Do not commit to reduce staff until optimization is complete Agree on Service Level targets early on Dont underestimate the resource requirements for training and documentation Ensure all tools are consolidated early enough before training begins Evaluate the complexities in the environment and set expectations early on; revisit during implementation and optimization Begin desktop consolidation earlier so a majority of the planning occurs in parallel Think Outside the Box 34

Critical Success Factors Leadership support Financial resources Communications Governance: Oversight Committee and Advisory Board Oversight Committee Rapid recruitment/hiring process minimize disruption

35 Questions and Answers Julie Cox, Director IT Service Desk [email protected] Sian Shumway, Director IT Field Services [email protected] 36

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