Safety challenges faced by Eskom, the electricity utility

Safety challenges faced by Eskom, the electricity utility

Safety challenges faced by Eskom, the electricity utility in South Africa Presented by: Lenny Babulall, Eskom Public Safety specialist Distribution 1 Presentation Content Introduction Overview - Electricity utility challenges - Current safety risk landscape Statistics - Historical statistics - Analysis of statistics Communication Strategies - Current Strategy - Proposed Strategy 2 Overview Eskom has over the years spent millions of rands in educating the public about safe use of electricity Research shows high levels of

awareness and understanding Yet, unacceptable numbers of fatalities and injury remain: Criminal activity Acts of God Recklessness, ignorance 3 Challenges faced by Eskom Social responsibility - Eskom as the dominant provider of electricity and a good corporate citizen has a responsibility to educate consumers on the safe use of electricity - Reduce levels of fatalities and contact incidents by at least 10% per year - Reinforce the belief that Eskom is committed to ensuring safe delivery of electricity - Over the years public safety campaign has informed and educated the public as to what to avoid and how to interact with electricity 4 Current Safety Risk Landscape

Criminal related fatalities have decreased There is a decrease on fatalities and an increase on injuries Key risk areas Objects into lines (low hanging etc) Vandalism Electrical contact Illegal Connections 5 Historical Statistics 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 2001 2002

2003 2004 2004/5 (15 mth) 2005/6 12 Mth Prog @ Mar ' 06 Total Public Fatals 83 61 45 57 74 42 Total Public Injuries

106 105 88 96 129 146 SI Public Fatals 37 25 24 36 46 36

7 10 4 SIN Public Fatals Contractor Fatals 1 4 6 Based on the old SI definition 6 Based on the New SI definition Analysis of Statistics Fatals 2001 - 2002

Fatals 2004 - 2005 Injuries 2001 - 2002 Injuries 2004 - 2005 Conductor/Copper Theft 20 0 12 4 Low hanging/dropped line maintenance 3 6

17 19 Low hanging/dropped line storm/fire 5 2 11 8 Illegal connection/reconnection 6 5 2 3

Physical electrical contact 4 5 7 18 Object into line 7 7 7 6 7 Current Strategy

Criminal advertising on Radio and Television Branded 1000 Taxis with adverts Outdoor advertising on billboards Safety inserts into community and national newspapers Competition in The Teacher Safety Messages on Play Pumps Media Tours with National Journalists (KZN, Eastern Cape and Bloemfontein) Community Road Shows (Bloemfontein, KZN, Gauteng and Eastern Cape) Proactive visits to schools Nationally Partnering with External companies Internal Campaigns at Key Customers 8

Current Strategy, cont. Messages in School report cards (piloted) Negotiating with DOE to Include Electrical Safety into the curriculum Competition between the Community Media Messages in the Grape Vine cards Production of Calendars Extend campaign with external companies and Vending stations Campaign to educate National Prosecutions Authority (De Rebus) 9 Proposed strategy (in addition to current) Development of creative Big idea Because Eskom had done safety education X million people have not died. Implications of unsafe use of electricity injury and death Make it real

Sponsorships Point of Sale Link with SMS ATM withdrawal slips Announcers (radio) on ESW Date line on existing ads Print advertising for ESW 10 Proposed strategy, cont. National platform and hook linking to advertising big idea Leverage big business / retailers networks Annual sporting events Progress from it can to it is happening

Community spokesperson who has had electrical contact What does electricity do Make it real people Reformed iznyoka TV Soapie scripts Community outreach Schools programmes Sustained media activity Build up and wind down 11 Proposed strategy, cont. Media Extend ESW (21-27 August) Correct balance between community, regional and national media SABC Public Service Announcements Lotto tickets messaging and messaging and engagement around Kiosks Dont take a chance 12 Proposed Strategy, cont.

Partner with Revenue Protection and Eskom Development Foundation Investigate a safety board game that can be played by school children, supervised by an Educator 13 Questions 14

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