Identification of differentially expressed genes in human lung

Identification of differentially expressed genes in human lung

Identification of differentially expressed genes in human lung adenocarcinoma: ERGIC3 as a novel lung cancer-related gene Mingsong Wu Department of Cell Biology and Genetics Zunyi Medical University China Las Vegas 2014.10

Part I 1 Background 1 epidemiology of lung cancer ortality in lung cancer in selected count 1950 2006 Jemal et al.Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention. (2010)

Subtype of lung cancer lung cancer small-cell small-cell lung lung carcinoma carcinoma

non-small non-small cell cell lung lung carcinoma carcinoma squamous cell carcinoma large-cell carcinoma

adenocarcinoma New tumor marker of lung cancer for early diagnosis and treatment To investigate genetic mechanism and new target 1.2 Molecular basis

of LC 1.3 Suppression subtractive hybridization(SSH) cDNA Microarray mRNA Differential display DD Representational difference analysis RDA Suppression subtractive hybridization, SSH

2 Results Construction of AC-associated li 2.1.1 Total RNA & mRNA total RNA mRNA

2.1.2 Analysis of Rsa I digestion digestion of double cDNA 2.1.3 Ligation efficiency analysis 35 2.1.4 Supression PCR

2.2 Clone of EST 2nd PCR Product pGEM T-easy Vector White clones PCR Digestion

Sequence FSL 485 upregulated RSL 172 down- Analysis 2.3 Bioinformatic analysis

2.3.1 BLAST Gene 177 new 152 Unknown EST: 44 Gene 59 new 54 Unknown EST: 10 2.3.2 GO Ontology

2.3.3 Biocatar pathway RSL 2.3.4 Biocatar pathway FSL 2.4 Sreen of SSHlibraries

Higher quality Higher efficiency Part II 1 Background (Endoplasmic reticulum-Golgi intermediate compartment 3 ERGIC3) Cycles between the endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi II type transmembrane protein, 383 aa, 43.2 kDa Herzog et al. 2006

Mutation: COPII 25 Accumulation of protein and lipid in ER Inhibits ER stress-induced cell death FUNCTION? TUMOR MARKER 2 RESULTS Expression of ERGIC3(2^CT)

2.1 Expression of ERGIC3 in NSCLC 2.1.1 mRNA of ERGIC3 0.025 P=0.0001

0.020 0.015 0.010 0.005 0.000 Tu m

or n m n o ig al

nt a n 2.1.2 Protein of ERGIC3 2.1.3 Protein of ERGIC3 Evaluation of immunohistochemical positivity in lung cancer tissues

Tumour and clinicopathological features Gender Male Female Histological type* AC SCC

TNM stage I + II III + IV Differentiation* Poor Well or Moderate Smoking No Yes

Score + ++ +++ 3/17(17.6)

1/18(5.6) 5/17(29.4) 4/18(22.2) 4/17(33.5) 5/18(27.8) 5/17(29.4) 8/18(44.4)

0 4/13(30.8) 6/22(27.3) 3/13(23.1) 7/22(31.8) 2/13(15.4)

9/22(40.9) 4/13(30.8) 3/20(15.0) 1/15(6.7) 5/20(25.0) 4/15(26.7) 7/20(35.0)

2/15(13.3) 5/20(25.0) 8/15(53.3) 4/11(36.4) * 0 2/11(18.2) * 7/24(29.2) *

1/11(9.1) * 8/24(33.3) * 4/11(36.4) * 9/24(37.5) * 1/17(5.9) 3/18(16.7)

4/17(23.5) 5/18(27.8) 4/17(23.5) 5/18(27.8) 8/17(47.1) 5/18(27.8) Positive

rate:88.57% Score: , no staining;AC>SCC +, <30%; ++, 3160%; +++, >60% positive cells 2.1.4 Location of ERGIC3 2.1.4 Location of ERGIC3 2.2 Functions of ERGIC3 in lung

cancer 2.2.1 ERGIC3 promotes cellular growth 2.2.2 ERGIC3 promotes cellular migration 2.2.3 Stable overexpression of ERGIC3 promotes

cellular migration 3 Summ ary

Library of differentially expressed genes in lung cancer. Potential targets for diagnostic & therapeutic usage. Two lung cancer associated genes. ERGIC3 may be a new biomarker for lung cancer. ERGIC3 may be a novel candidate oncogen for lung cancer.

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