AppaLEGO City 2001-2002 Linda Hamilton [email protected] University

AppaLEGO City 2001-2002 Linda Hamilton University

AppaLEGO City 2001-2002 Linda Hamilton [email protected] University Transportation Center of Assumption College

June 8, 2002 AppaLEGO City Science and Math on the Internet LEGO computers can be programmed over the Internet to run and gather data from you

home or school. Run the monorail, have it remain at the station long enough for safe boarding, then move it on to the next. Data log the number and time of the stops. Keep count of the cars through the intersection. AppaLEGO City

Red Rover site SENSORSCITY NASA remote sensing site Housed at Nick J. Rahall, II Appalachian Transportation Institute at Marshall University AppaLEGO City Intelligent

Transportation Using LEGO Robotics University Students Programming and up keep of AppaLEGO City Classes for programming

credit Community service LEGO Software Red Rover for Teleoperation In Class Among classes Among schools

To other states With the world RoboLab for Programming In class small groups Systems EngineeringSmall groups projects coordinated together Internet Programming

and data Rover at Davis Creek Elementary Red Rover Viewed By Homer Hickam

LEGO Dacta Projects Robotics Starter Sets Cities and Transportation Starter Set

Plan Build Program Activate Activate Movie LEGO Dacta Cities and

Transportation Sets Cars Speed trap Gates Traffic lights Monorail School Workshops

Modeling Transportation At schools and Remote Sensing Website Example December 11, 2001 Barboursville Middle School

Getting data remotely appeared to be easy for three groups of 6th graders. From their computers in their rooms, the students logged onto http:// They checked out some of the pictures of what some of their classmates have done on the current year. They clicked the LEGO camera link to see a live picture of the LEGO CITY. Clicking on SENSORSCITY link,, each group went to work. They made an account with a name and

password they would remember, checked out the schedule and signed up for a time slot. Some chose programs to run from those at the site at while they looked through the pictures and descriptions of the scenarios. Others wrote or changed programs using the RoboLab they had. In one room they also watched and operated the CITY with Red Rover soft ware. See instructions to try out Red Rover at the City. The fun came in submitting missions to SENSORS CITY and watching the monorail move while watching over the Internet on the live camera.

The little car models moving traffic. The data that comes back over the internet as a graph makes it much easier to compute the car rate. Workshops Throughout Appalachia Elementary, Middle, and High schools Schools VoTechs, Colleges,Universities Home Schools and though the

Internet Transportation Robotics from Afar and at AppaLEGO City

Transportation Group Projects Systems Engineering RoboLab Programming Sensors

Motors and lights Multi-tasking Structures ROBOLAB Programming for the City RCX

Presentations Cornell University Mars Workshop West Virginia Teachers Convention Tufts University SENSORS Workshop National Teachers Convention Tufts Programs like the AppaLEGO use hands-on, real-life

activities that build interest in engineering, robotics, and remote sensing among young people. This interest will stay with the students throughout their education, and lead them to careers in transportation and traffic fields. A SENSORS LEGO Robotics Workshop was held at Tufts University on June 6-8, 2001. Marshall University, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA Glenn, NASA Goddard and NASA Ames representatives planned their SENSORS site and programmed LEGO robotics at the Tufts University

SENSORS workshop. SENSORCIT Y Tufts SENSORS SENSORSCITY web camera Remote programming Remote data

RoboLab Investigator Programming to take in data from sensors such as pH Data logging can be done over the internet through SENSORS Programming over the Internet

A car, a monorail and other transportation are available for Teleoperation at the AppaLEGO City since September of 2001. From the Red Rover Red Rover side you can operated the other monorail and gate. The live view on shows the end of the CITY that can be programmed over the internet by RoboLab. Through the Red Rover Red Rover software you

can operate and see the the view from the opposite side. AppaLEGO Events Hands on Workshops Internet connections United States The World

Red Rover Teleoperation Install software for earth site or buy and use Mars site CONNECT to Use direction buttons to operate Run programs

Scenarios Traffic count Public transportation control AppaLEGO City Through the Seasons

Themes AppaLEGO City Remote Sensing Data Logging AppaLEGO City is now an official Science and Engineering NASA Site of Remote Sensing

(SENSORS). AppaLEGO City SENSORS is a NASA Leading Educators to Applications, Research, and NASArelated Educational Resources in Science Cooperative Agreement Notice. The purpose is to enhance K-12 science, math, technology, and geography education through Internet-based products derived from NASA mission content. With the use of telerobotics and LEGO RCX robots, students can explore and discover different

environments. AppaLEGO City is located at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. One of the goals is to provide quality transportation-related programs to elementary, middle, and high school students, with the express purpose of attracting students to careers in transportation fields. Each year, a variety of workshops are sponsored which enable students to explore the technologies and issues related to transportation in the United States. The City is built around the LEGO Dacta RCX intelligent programmable brick. Using LEGO Dactas ROBOLAB software, students are able to program each of the

citys vehicles and traffic control elements. Previously,using Red Rover software, students at other sites could remotely activate the motors and lights on the Citys LEGO models and run set up programs. Now, using the Internet, students from anywhere can also program the Citys elements themselves and remotely receive information and data from the City. Linda Hamilton, mathematics instructor at Marshall University, working with Chris Rogers of Tufts University Center for Engineering Educational Outreach, has designed AppaLEGO to be operational for remote sensing. Many schools have remotely operated the Citys monorail, gates, traffic counters, and vehicles.

AppaLEGO City S.E.N.S.O.R.S. Science and Engineering NASA Site of Remote Sensing Grant from University Transportation Center of Assumption College Housed at

Nick J. Rahall, II Appalachian Transportation Institute Marshall University Linda Hamilton [email protected]

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