The Future Is Now: Health Information Technologys Impact

The Future Is Now: Health Information Technologys Impact

The Future Is Now: Health Information Technologys Impact on Healthcare Pamela King, MBA, HIE Outreach Coordinator Florida Center for Health Information and Transparency Molly McKinstry, Deputy Secretary Division of Health Quality Assurance Information Patient Look-Up Patient Portal

Meaningful Use Health IT ICD-10 Exchange Telehealth Data Analytics

ADT Feeds Electronic Transactions Data Repository Technology HL7

Robotic Surgery Network Direct Messaging Event Notification Service Electronic Health Records

Coordinated Care 30% of physicians believe that the use of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) improves communication between patients

An EHR aided the physician in alerting of: a potential medication error critical lab values essential screening or preventative measures * 65%

62% 47% Floridas Strategy to Promote Health Information Exchange Current Landscape Significant Use of Electronic Health Records Exchange Most Common Within a United Health System

Movement to Exchange across Provider and Levels of Care Facilitating Opportunities to Improve Communication Supporting a Variety of Models of Exchange Event Notification Service (ENS)

Offers timely notice of patient hospital encounters to health care providers and health plans. Participation

Patient-authorized exchange Improves care coordination and transitions of care Reduces hospital admissions and readmissions

Supports value-based payment reform models like ACOs 213 hospitals covering over 94% of all acute care hospital beds in Florida 8 health plans receiving alerts on over 2.7 million Florida residents 24 ACOs receiving alerts on over 300k Florida residents Over 2.2 million hospital encounter alerts delivered since 2015 ENS & MU An ENS alert can be the trigger that prompts health care providers to request summary of care records from the discharging hospital in support of MU

Total ENS Alerts Delivered through June 2017 14 Timeliness for Telehealth Physician Workforce Shortage Expansion of Broadband Connections Growing Acceptance of Technology

Physicians Patients 15 Telehealth HB 7087 (2016) / 2016-240 L.O.F. 1. Telehealth Advisory Council: 15 members including the

Secretary of AHCA (Chair) and the Surgeon General (member) 2. Survey for current capabilities, utilization and coverage levels: AHCA to survey licensed health care facilities DOH to survey licensed health care practitioners OIR to survey health plans and HMOs 3. AHCA to submit a report of survey findings to the Governor, Senate President, and Speaker of the House by 12/31/2016 4. Final Advisory Council report of recommendations to increase the use and accessibility of telehealth services by 10/31/2017

Primary Reported Uses of Telehealth in Health Care Facilities 17 Telehealth Modalities Currently Used, by Facility Type Benefits Reported by

What benefits has your facility attained as a result of implementing Facilities telehealth services? (Select all that apply) 6.65% 7.21% 10.43% 2.81% 2.25%

19.94% 12.37% 18.10% 20.24% Broader access to specialists

Better care coordination Patient convenience Better patient outcomes Reduced hospital readmissions Wider population access Filling local coverage gaps Not Applicable Other (please specify)

Practitioner Telehealth Use 20 Example Telehealth Programs Florida Adventist partners with Advanced ICU Care, a provider of TeleICU services, to provide 24/7 care Two-way video access in each patients

room enables face to face consultations between the bedside and practitioners for evaluations or when call on by a caregiver Example Telehealth Programs A Mayo Clinic medical specialist located at a distance from the patient connects via technology with local care teams to assess,

diagnose and treat patients Enhancing the telemedicine services it offers to the more than 45 hospitals across nine states served by Mayo Clinics emergency telemedicine services 22 Example Telehealth Programs

Memorial Healthcare System unveiled a direct-to-consumer tool in 9/2016 Provides consumers the ability to connect 24/7 with a Memorial doctor and get diagnosed online for non-emergency cases quicker than if the patient was sitting in the emergency room seeking that same level of care

In some cases, the $49 fee to connect with MemorialDocNow may be even more affordable than a co-pay for ER or Urgent Care visits 23 Example Telehealth Programs The University of Miami Pediatric Mobile Clinic provides medical care to uninsured

children in need - was awarded a $105,000 grant from the Florida Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (FAFCC) via the Florida Department of Health in 2015 The Pediatric Mobile Clinic offers well visits, sports physicals, immunizations, management of chronic conditions, urgent care, mental health and social work Services were expanded to include store and forward consults - allowing onsite physicians to upload patient information, including images, documents and videos, to a secure web portal where an offsite specialist can later download the information and make diagnoses or treatment recommendations 24

Telehealth CMP Grant Project Overview/Purpose: Access to specialized care after hours has become an important issue in the quality of care and quality of life of nursing home residents. In-home telemedicine will reduce emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and will provide for a better quality of life for nursing home residents. This project will attempt to reduce the frequency of avoidable hospital admissions and readmissions; improve

resident health outcomes; and reduce overall health care spending without restricting access to care through telemedicine services. Telehealth CMP Grant Project Project Amount: $275,000 Telemedicine Providers: TripleCare DocsConnect

Telemedicine services: Provided at four Florida nursing homes Utilized from 6:00 pm to 7 am EST, Monday through Friday, all day Saturday, Sunday and national holidays Telehealth Challenges Payment Parody Fraud and Exploitation Home Care

Telemarketing Unsolicited Identity Theft/ Patient Broking/ Kickbacks Unnecessary/Custom Equipment and Services Other Florida Health IT Initiatives Price Transparency Promotion of e-Prescribing

28 Health IT & Regulation Reimbursement Public Payers Private Payers HIPAA Patient Consents

Impact on State Regulatory Duties Integrate Technology Leverage Analytics State Requirements Vary Widely Know Yours 29 Remember Health IT is a Toolbox

It is about the Patient! The Future is NOW! Connect with Us: [email protected] @AHCA_FL

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