IST Townhall March 2015 1 Agenda Financial/Budget Update

IST Townhall March 2015 1 Agenda  Financial/Budget Update

IST Townhall March 2015 1 Agenda Financial/Budget Update IT Organization Design Update Organization Design Staff Survey IST Year in Review Question & Closing 2 Financial/Budget Update

3 Financial Realities As a publicly funded institution, the University of Manitoba will be affected significantly by the increasingly-constrained financial environment in the coming years. Source: University of Manitoba 2015 - 2020 Strategic Plan

4 Financial Realities Governments across the country have been adjusting their approaches to funding universities, choosing to: Reduce or constrain the growth of operating grants, Establish targeted program funding, Change eligibility criteria for research funding, and Limit the availability of

capital. 5 How is IST addressing the 4% budget cut? Reductions to Infrastructure Renewal: IST / CNS Network Capital Fund Gartner Research Membership reduction Reduce DLGL Customizations Discontinue Unigraphics Printing Services $390,000 $72,000 $25,000 $85,000

Reductions in Salaries / Supplies: 3 x vacancies being unfilled 4 x vacant positions hiring at lower level Discretionary spending reduction (2014-15) $276,364 $80,000 $55,756 Total Proposed Baseline Reduction: 6

$984,121 U of M 2009 2014 Strategic Planning Framework Background: In 2009, the Universitys Strategic Planning Framework was approved. It was intended to provided a structure to help us shape a future that demonstrated our University at its best and answer the question "What future are we choosing to create?" 7

2009 2014 Strategic Pillars Become nationally and internationally recognized for its teaching, research and creative excellence Become a life-long academic home where students contribute to a diversity of ideas and experiences Work with a variety of partners to make Winnipeg the national centre of excellence in Indigenous education Be an employer of first choice 8 2015 2020 Strategic Plan The priorities of the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan build on:

The priorities identified in the 2009-2014 framework The lessons learned in implementing this framework The perspectives on the future direction of the University shared by faculty, staff, students and alumni The 2015-2020 plan identifies five strategic priorities or broad directions for the University. 9 2015 2020 Strategic Priorities Inspiring minds through innovative and quality teaching (SCACom) Driving discovery and insight through excellence in research,

scholarly work and other creative activities (RCAC) Creating pathways to Indigenous achievement Building community that creates an outstanding learning and work environment (SITEC, ASIGTC) Forging connections to foster high impact community engagement (EITAC) 10 We are now using the Strategic Plan to help guide our decisionmaking about program, structure and allocation of resources. All faculties and administrative units will develop and connect their internal plans and priorities with the Strategic Plan. 11

How does IT Governance fit into this picture? To align scarce financial and human resources, the University needs a better way to direct IT in support of strategic priorities. The renewed IT Governance model was officially announced on Jan 20. In this time of financial constraint, the model will ensure alignment of IT priorities and IT resources with the strategic plan. 12 IST 2015/2016 Priorities

ASITGC: IT Security Improvements UM Budgeting System Life Safety Network (pilot) ERP Renewal RCAC: TRC Minisis Database TRC Private Derivative Database Windows Server Self Service SCACom: Learning Technology Improvement Project

SITEC: Mobile Web site School of Agriculture Registration System Portal Project part 2 EITAC: Enterprise Network Management Internet Bandwidth Increase and Redundancy Storage Growth 13

Organization Design Update 14 Phase II Milestones and Timelines Phase 2 High level milestones Jan Complete management job descriptions AESES review

Finalize hiring structure Recruit management layer Develop customer facing processes Develop implementation plan 15 Feb Mar Apr May Jun

Management Job Descriptions - Status Step1 - Develop job descriptions for all management jobs complete Step 2 - Submit to HR for review and classification complete Step 3 Submit management job descriptions to AESES for review (target March 13) Step 4 Presentation to AESES to provide overview of management jobs (target by March 27) 16 Management Job Descriptions

Communication Plan Once we receive a decision from AESES: 1. Dedicated town hall meeting to walk through final hiring structure, including what has changed since December and why 2. Information sessions to: Provide high level overview of management jobs Provide high level overview of recruitment approach Give you the opportunity to ask additional questions about the jobs and approach

3. Announcement to kick off the recruitment process 17 Customer-facing Processes Having clearly defined customer-facing processes is key to our success as a customerfocused, service-based IT organization. 18

We are working on developing or refining some initial client facing processes as part of the org design. Approach Identify critical client facing processes Draft high-level processes for key client activities Facilitated with input from some IST leadership team members, project managers and clients As organization is filled - detail processes will be developed Initial processes: Client Consulting

Fulfilling a Nonstandard Service Request IST Assessment Managing Client Upgrades Rapid Response for IST Service Request (Research) 19 IST OCM Staff Survey 20 96% completio nrate

What did you tell us 21 120% 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% 10% 10%

14% 12% 18% 16% 54% 44% 39% 25%

30% 27% 10% 23% 58% 8% Not Sure Disagree Somewhat Definitely

120% 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% 22% 5% 19%

17% 38% 2% 8% 14% 33% 18% 46%

41% 56% 23% 30% 27% Not Sure Disagree Somewhat Definitely

Next steps Focus group sessions to better understand the feedback and comments Analysis of results to identify opportunities to incorporate your comments and feedback into the change, communication and implementation plans 24 IST Year in Review

25 Enterprise Systems 26 Enterprise Systems Highlights for 2014 Oracle DB campus wide license agreement $1.8M investment in IT capability over 4 years Changes what we can do Creating Build & Run teams Application Consultants Changes how we work

Jump portal upgrade Leading edge implementation Changes how we think about solutions 27 Enterprise Systems Staff Updates for 2014 New to our team: Vlad Vassilchenko Retirements:

Brenda Treleaven Danny Roscoe Judah Yeung 28 Computer and Network Services 29 Computer & Network Services Highlights for 2014 Windows XP

Wireless N, Guest WiFi and Classroom Technology, TRC Storage Area Network Relocation and Data Centre Infrastructure Management Software Emergency Notification System and Novell Stabilization 30 Computer & Network Services Staff Updates for 2014 New to our team:

Luc Desjardins Josh Koob Trevor Tomlinson Katie Man Ritesh Patel 31 Retirements: Bill Paley Marilynne Jackson Tom Moyle

Harry Katwaroo Irene Thain Matt Boyd Client Services 32 Client Services Highlights for 2014 Service Desk improvements IT Service Management Project Prequalified Professional IT Services

33 Service Desk Improvement In 2014, we achieved a 4.6 out of 5 client satisfaction rating & reduced extra work by 278 hours, while improving service! 34 IT Service Management (ITSM) Project Incident Management and Request Fulfilment Metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) Costing Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Knowledge Management Mobile Device Usage Service Catalogue Cherwell Upgrade 35 Prequalified Professional IT Services RFP - December 2014/January 2015 Maximum 5 pre-qualified vendors Put in place to support the client projects that require resources beyond IST capacity

36 Client Services Staff Updates for 2014 New to our team: Jas Kapoor Wayne Burr Reinz Supan Joshua Van Benthem Donald Marsden David

Mamchur 37 Antoine Brownlee Phil Kennelly Vivek Bahl Retirements: Remo Mamaril Office of the CIO 38

Office of the CIO Staff Updates for 2014 New to our team: Rebecca Bergman Chris Rogoski Nicole LHeureux Retirements: Laurie Shymko 39 Work Anniversaries

40 Enterprise Systems Work Anniversaries

Margaret Eisler* Lonnie Smetana* Gord Austin Dawn Campbell Barb Chappell Shawn Cherniak Dave Cooke Carolyn Godfrey Parviz Karani Debbie Norman Heather White 41

Computer & Network Services Work Anniversaries Tony Wong*

Jason Jackson* Will Christie* Adrian CarlyleGordge* Antonino Calabrese* Dan Gwozdz* Jeremy Hodgson* Daryl FonsecaHolt* Richard Alsip

Jeysan Anoling Gabrielle Bartsch Wayne Billing Adam Dolman Damir Hamzic Mar Howe Jay Kolly Rob Legal

Dave Milton 42 Andrew Perchaluk

Gary Prance Harold Robson Navneet Sharma Rick Verreault Damian Waldie Steve Warner Client Services Work Anniversaries

Randy Arrowsmith * Shirley Hares* Vienna Beck* Sandrine Zalewski* Lee Balzer Jason Chin Marcel Courchaine Muriel Robidoux Coates Steve Sidorski

Dee-Lynn Vinet 43 Office of the CIO Work Anniversaries Kimberley McIntosh 44 Questions & Close 45

Your feedback continues to be important to use! Share your feedback and questions directly with your manager. Email your questions and feedback to [email protected] Talk to someone on the IT Transformation Program 47

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