Phylum Cnidaria - Mrs. Smith's World of Science

Phylum Cnidaria - Mrs. Smith's World of Science

Phylum Cnidaria What are Cnidarians? dzd8

Groups of Cnidarians Jellyfishes (class Scyphozoa cup animals) Hydras (class Hydrozoa)* Sea anemones (class Anthozoa flower animal)* Corals (class Anthozoa flower animal)*

*only have polyp stage of life cycle Questions What domain are we focusing on in this class?

What kingdom are we focusing on? What is the phylum for jellies, coral, hydras, sea anemones? Characteristics of Cnidarians Soft-bodied Carnivorous

Have stinging tentacles arranged in a circle around their mouth Most simple animals with body symmetry & specialized tissues Question

Why is it important that their tentacles are arranged around their mouth? Where does the name Cnidaria come from? From their stinging cells cnidocytes These cells are used for defense and to

capture prey Nematocyst Located within a cnidocyte This is the poison filled stinging structure

has a tightly coiled dart Body Plan Few cells thick and have a simple body system Have a central mouth

surrounded by numerous tentacles that extend outward from the body. 2 tissue layers Epidermis (outer) Mesoglea (middle goo)

Gastroderm (inner) Questions What are the stinging cells called? What is the name of the actual poisonous dart in the stinging cells?

Why is it advantageous to be only a few cells thick when you are a marine organism? Symmetry Cnidarians are radially symmetrical Like spokes on a wheel no matter how you divide it through the middle it is symmetrical

Questions What type of symmetry do poriferans have? What type of symmetry do cnidarians have? Life Cycle Typically have a life cycle that includes two

different-looking stages. Polyp Medusa Polyp Cylindrical body with armlike tentacles

The mouth points upward why is this important? Usually sessile Medusa Motile

Bell shaped Mouth on bottom why would their mouth be on the bottom? Cnidarian Reproduction Sexual

Typically in the medusa stage Typically have a planula larvae Asexual Typically in the polyp stage Ecological Roles Predator-Prey

Cnidarians are predators Sea turtles, some fish and mollusks will feed on jellies Ecological Relationships - Symbiosis Mutualism

Clownfish and anemone Hermit crab Coral and zooxanthellae

Phylum Ctenophora R7w Differences/Similarities Between Cnidarians

and Ctenophores Ctenophores Gelatinous Transparent bodies *Lack stinging cells Planktonic Found mostly in surface

waters Luminescent/Iridescent Have 8 rows of comb plates Used for locomotion


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