P14452: Detailed Design Review - EDGE

P14452: Detailed Design Review - EDGE

P14452: Detailed Design Review Agenda Review (10 mins) Updated Specifications Mechanical Design (30 minutes) Temperature Vibration Solutions Analog Design (20 minutes) Analog Signal Conditioning Example Sensors

Power Digital Design (10 minutes) Microprocessor Selection Software Processes Moving Forward (10 minutes) Questions (10 minutes) Review Updated Specifications Mechanical Design Temperature

3D Model Lid CC PCB Batter y Case ANSYS Results Tamb = 55C

ANSYS Results Tamb = 95C ANSYS Results Excel Model Excel Formulas Excel Results Excel Results Excel Results Vibration

Most component failures in a severe vibration environment will be due to cracked solder joints, cracked seals, or broken electrical lead wires. Vibration-related Failure Cause: Due to stresses from relative motion between component body, electrical lead wires, and the PCB Solutions: Tying or cementing component to PCB to eliminate resonance

Proper component placement on rectangular PCB Attributes Most severe during resonant conditions Can develop when component body acts as mass and lead wires act as springs Most severe conditions at center of PCB On rectangular PCB, most severe conditions are when component part is parallel to short side of board

= 4 Where C = Modal constant E = 2.7e6 b = 30mm =1.18 inches h =1/8 inch I = bh3/12 = 0.000192 g = 386 in./s2 p = 1850 kg/m = .0668 lb/in3 L = 35mm = 1.378 inches

W = pbhL = 0.0136 lb w = W/L = .00985 lb/in. =3.56 ( 2.7 106 ) .000192 386 .00985 1.378 =8450 Hz 4 Solutions Aluminum Case

Aluminum Case for Harsh Environment Watertight Integrated Standoff No Integrated Flange Mount Hammond Mfg. 1590Z Series Various Sizes Available Plastic Case

Hammond Mfg. 1551 FL Series Various Sizes Available Lightweight Plastic Case Integrated Flange Mount Integrated PCB Standoff Black or Grey!! Test Plan Eng Name Spec ES1 Easily Mountable ES14 Mountable on Moving Part

ES2 Small Size ES13 Harsh Environment Measure Process Possible Volume Passing of Subspecifications ES13.1 High Temperature Temp ES13.2 High Pressure Pressure

ES13.3 ES13.4 ES3 ES4 ES5 ES7 ES7.1 ES7.2 ES6 ES8 Possible Acceleration Present Not Present Present Capacity (Time)

Present Present # of Different Sensors Voltage ES9 ES10 ES11 ES12 ES12.1 ES15 ES16 Oily Environment Withstand Vibration Set Sampling Rate in Field No External Wires

Universal Sensor Connector Data Storage Start Capture Stop Capture Types of Sensor Power To Sensors Multiple Sampling Frequencies Timestamps High Sampling Frequency Digital Bit Width (Accuracy) Voltage Accuracy Multiple Sensors Sensor Voltage Range Method

Instrument Measure Volume Ruler Passing Criteria Small (1in3) Raise ambient Temp Test at Reaches 140F CIMS

Test at Reaches Raise ambient Pres CIMS 100psi Submerge in oil Oil tank Withstands oil Raise Vibration Vibe table Reaches 5G Store Data Computer Stores 60 min - Frequency Accuracy Max Sampling Frequency Bits per Sample

ADC LSB Maximum Sensors Voltage Measure Max Freq Max Accuracy 20kHz 12bit - Analog Design Sensing the World Low-pass Filter Passes low frequency signals and attenuates signals with higher frequencies than the cutoff

Used for smoothing data Reduces noise Necessary for SAR style ADC First order LPF Circuit above is a inverting op-amp with a RC 1st Order LPF MAX7403 8th Order LPF 8th order Low-pass Elliptic Filter 8 times faster cutoff than 1st order LPF Lower Band Reject frequency

Lower ADC sampling rate Eliminates the need for discrete resistors in the Analog Signal Path Maxim EE-SIM MAX7403 Interfacing I2C interfacing Set the cutoff frequency in software to accommodate other sampling rates 8 pin package About 1mV offset at 85C

Maxim DS4420 Programmable gain amplifier -35dB-40dB Range -11 dB attenuation on 010V range yields 0-2.818 signal 2.88 mV accuracy with 12 bit ADC Up to 8 devices on the same I2C bus Example Compatible Sensors ADXL203

AC2626 2 axis Accelerometer +/- 1.7, 5 , 15 g range 0.5 C Accurate Temperature Sensor

2.5 kHz bandwidth -55 C 150 C 0 5V range 0 Vs Voltage Range LiPo Charging Spark Fun Power Cell LiPo Charger/

Booster Micro USB charging $19.99 breakout board for testing Eagle Files Available for PCB layout Schematic for LiPo Charging and Booster https://www.sparkfun.com/products/112 31 Components Required LiPo Charger and Booster MCP73831/2: LiPo Charging IC

Can get free samples TPS61200: 5 volt, 1.2A boost converter Can get free samples Used for powering sensors and other components JST connector $0.95 Micro USB SMD Connector $1.95 Resistors and Capacitors <$2.00 Li-Po Temperature Issues Prof. Landi, Chemical Engineering, said that he does not know of any technologies that can operate up to 200F

Batterys composition layers begin to breakdown at max temperature Risk explosion if operating over the indicated max operating temperature (60C) Digital Design As easy as 0xABC123 Microcontroller Selection Necessary Features ADC 1-4 Channels 12-bit Accuracy 25 kHz Sampling Rate per channel

Digital 1 1 1 2 SPI (SD) I2C (Attenuator Config) PWM (LPF Config) GPIO (Power Monitoring) Freescale KL05

3 x 3 mm footprint 48 MHz ADC 12-bit 12 Channels ~800 kS/s Max SPI I2C PWM (6 Ch + 2 Ch) ~$2 ea.

$13 FRDM-KL05Z Dev Board Software Processes Modes of Operation Charging Not Sampling Peripherals Disabled Delay Not Sampling Peripherals Initialized Timer Running Normal Sampling Timer Running

Main Program Execution Peripheral Initialization Sampling Process (ADC Subroutine) Write Process (SPI Subroutine) Moving Forward The long road to graduation BOM Small Design Component Price Quantity Total Plastic Case

$5 4 $20.00 MKL05Z32VFK4 (uC) $1.91 4 $7.64 DS4420N+ (Attenuator) $3.69 4 $14.76 MAX7403CSA+ (Low Pass Filter) $7.09 4 $28.36 MCP73831 (LiPo Charger) $0.64 4 $2.56 TPS61200DRCR (Boost

Converter) $2.43 4 $9.72 LiPo 3.7 240 mAh $3.39 4 $13.56 CDRH2D18 (Inductor) $0.81 4 $3.24 DX4R005HJ5R2000 (Micro USB) $0.89 4 $3.56 SCHA5B0200 (microSD Socket) $1.48

4 $5.92 2 - layer PCB $83.70 1 $83.70 MISC $25.00 Total $218.02 BOM - Large Design Component Plastic Case MKL05Z32VFK4 (uC) DS4420N+ (Attenuator) MAX7403CSA+ (Low Pass Filter)

MCP73831 (LiPo Charger) TPS61200DRCR (Boost Converter) LiPo 3.7 450 mAh CDRH2D18 (Inductor) DX4R005HJ5R2000 (Micro USB) SCHA5B0200 (microSD Socket) 2 - layer PCB Price Quantity Total $5 4 $20.00 $1.91

4 $7.64 $3.69 16 $59.04 $7.09 $0.64 16 $113.44 4 $2.56 $2.43 $4.00 $0.81 4 $9.72

4 $16.00 4 $3.24 $0.89 4 $1.48 $87.20 $3.56 4 $5.92 1 $87.20

Budget Allocation Component Cost Small Design $218.02 Large Design $378.32 Programmer Cable Dev Board Total

$120 $13 $729.34 Risk Assessment ID R1 R2 R3 R4

R5 R6 R7 Risk Casing Rupture Effect Cause Total System Failure Material Failure Inadequate Data Loss

Storage Storage Full Poor Timestamp Accuracy Unreliable Data PCB Delays in Manufacturing Implementation and Latency Testing Battery Device Loses Power/ Overheats Battery Explodes Electronics

get too hot Innacurate Data Internal Damage to PCB Vibration too high Poorly written code Likeli Seve Prio hood rity rity 1 5 2

5 2 4 Designs will be verified by 10 third-party 2 5 Temp too high 2

5 Temp too high 2 4 1 10 Capacity Theory and Testing Bryan Comparison of results with 8 Lab DAQ Poor PCB Design or Assembly

Poor dampening Preventative Action Prevent by selecting quality 5 casing material and seals 4 Person(s) Rsponsible Chris/ Dennis 10 Reduce Operating Temp Reduce Operating Temp, 8 Temp Compensating Filters

Have proper vibration 4 dampening for system Bryan Matt Dennis Dennis/Matt Chris Schedule (Break) Week Phase 1 2

3 4 5 6 0 Matt PCB Design and Order Chris

Determine Suitable Compressor Mounting Locations Dennis Research PCB Electrical Isolation and Heat Sinking Techniques Bryan Microcontroller Initialization Schedule (MSD II) Week Phase 1 2

3 4 1 Matt PCB Assembly Chris Mounting Solutions 5

6 7 2 8 9 10 3 Denni s

Case Modification and Preparation Bryan Write Basic Firmware Test Firmware 12 4 PCB Functionality Testing Design / Build Vibration Test Rig

11 13 14 5 PCB Performance Testing PCB Vibration Testing PCB Integration Additional Functionality

Technical Paper 15 Questions? El fin.

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