North Oconee High School - Walton County School District

North Oconee High School - Walton County School District

Monroe Area High School FRESHMEN TRANSITION PROGRAM Class of 2020 July 25, 2016 Whos Who at MAHS PRINCIPAL AND ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS: Principal Mr. Hicks Assistant Principal Ms. Inabinet Assistant Principal Mr. Bundrage

Assistant Principal Dr. Antwine SCHOOL COUNSELING DEPARTMENT Last names A-F Last names G-O Last names P-Z Registrar Ms. Brown Mr. Wiggins Mrs. Cooke Mrs. Landers DEES Department: SEIS Coodinator: Ms. Lalaian DEES Department Chair: Coach Richards FRONT OFFICE STAFF: Principals Secretary Mrs. Hopkins

Attendance Secretary Mrs. Adcock Bookkeeper Mrs. Malcom Receptionist/Lobby Data Clerk Ms. Doty Ms. Bell MEDIA SPECIALIST VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE CIS Coordinator Mrs. Corder Parent Involvement Coord. Mrs. Hawk Afterschool Coodinator

Ms. Johnson CAFETERIA MANAGER: Cynthia Nix Ms. Sapinski RESOURCE OFFICER: Officer Harris SCHOOL NURSE: Nurse Lawson A C A D E M I C S Schedules Block Schedule - 8 classes per year 4 classes each semester Around 1 hour 45 minutes per class 1 credit for every class passed Support Courses Assists students struggling in a subject area

Reading support will help in all subject areas Math Support available for Algebra and Geometry Advanced Courses Same curriculum that nonadvanced courses cover, but are: more challenging, faster paced covers topics more in-depth MAHS offers a wide array of advanced courses in all subject areas Advanced Placement (AP) College-level course with final exam in May Most colleges and universities award college credit to students who achieve a set score on the exam

Advisement: College & Career Lessons (every other week) Schedules: Final schedule given on first day during Advisement Your classes were scheduled based on the registration forms turned in last Spring If you see an issue, complete a drop/add form Drop/Add if: All core classes All electives classes PE/Health & Weight Training in same semester High School Schedule Basics Block Scheduling 8

courses per year (4 blocks/periods each semester) One block is about 1 hour 45 minutes. Students earn 1 credit for every course passed. Students will complete 4 courses by December and will have 1 credit for each course passed. By the end of 9th grade, students will have earned 8 credits (upon receiving a passing grade). Freshman Year Course Requirements 1 English (1 credit) 1 Social Studies (1 credit) 1 Science (1 credit) 1 Math (1 credit) 1 Physical Education/Health (1 credit)

Electives (3 credits) * A minimum of 6 credits is required to be promoted to 10th Grade. Required Core Options English: 9th Literature/Composition (with or without support) Social Studies: World History Science: Math: Biology or Env. Science Foundations of Algebra Algebra I (with or without support) Accelerated Algebra/Geometry 9 Grade Schedule Sample 1 th Semester 1

Semester 2 Band Band World History PE/Health Algebra I 9th Literature/ Composition Intro to Business Technology Biology * Courses in italics are elective courses and were chosen by the student

during registration last Spring. 9 Grade Schedule Sample 2 th Semester 1 Semester 2 Biology World History PE/Health 9th Literature/ Composition Algebra I Support Algebra I

Current Issues Visual Arts I * Courses in italics are elective courses and were chosen by the student during registration last Spring. Facts to Remember about Your Schedule You cannot pick which semester you have classes or which teachers you have. Remember that you requested classes. If your first elective choice was full, you were given your next choice (and so on). What Should I Expect the First Weeks of High School?

Your locker Expectations from each teacher Tutoring schedule Your 1st Progress Report A syllabus for each class Your 1st SLO exam Lots of Important Information!! MAHS Athletics Fall Sports: Cheerleading Competition Cheerleading Cross Country Football Softball Volleyball Winter Sports: Basketball Cheerleading Wrestling

Riflery (JROTC) Swimming Spring Sports: Baseball Golf Soccer Tennis Track Eligibility Requirements: 1 semester 9th graders are automatically eligible st 2nd semester 9th graders must pass 3 out of 4 classes 1st semester Clubs and Organizations Joining a club is an excellent way to meet new people, get to know yourself and get involved with your school. Be sure to listen to the announcements for specific club information and notices. MAHS offers the following clubs/organizations: (This may not be a comprehensive list; clubs are dependent upon faculty availability for sponsorship) 4-H

Academic Bowl AFJROTC Clubs Anchor Club Art Club Beta Club CTI CURRENT Book Club FBLAFuture Business Leaders of America FCAFellow Christian Athletes FCCLAFamily Career and Community Leaders of America FFA FLCForeign Language Club Key Club Literary Magazine Manga & Comics Club NHSNational Honor Society National Technical Honor Society Partnership for Success STEM Club SGAStudent Government Association TSATechnology Student Association Thespian Troupe

Yearbook What Should I Expect the First Semester of High School? Academically? Higher expectations: Teachers have higher expectations for you. Ask for help when you need it and work on your study skills. Need for time management, organization, and stress management. Your first EOC test (9th Grade Literature/Composition, Biology, Algebra I) Parent/Teacher/Counselor Conferences What if I get off-track? Credits needed for grade classification:

Afterschool Credit Recovery: To be promoted to: Units needed: Grade 10 6 Grade 11 13 Recover credit for a course failed Grade 12 20

Afterschool 28 credits to Graduate Georgia Virtual School curriculum Assignments completed online Tutoring: 3:00-3:45 FREE!

Most subject areas available Intercession/Summer School: Intercession held after 1st semester and after 2nd semester Recover credit for an academic course The keys to patience are acceptance and faith. Accept things as they are, and look realistically at the world around you. Have faith in yourself and in the direction you have chosen Communication TO HOME:

Phone calls from teachers Emails Automated calls from Mr. Hicks Website Facebook page Advisement on Thursdays FROM HOME: Always send in notes when a student is absent (preferably a doctors note) Call or email the teacher, school counselor, or

assistant principal if you have concerns General Tips for Freshman Year Freshman year is very important - it starts your high school career. GPA is cumulative and includes 9th grade. Semester grades go to transcripts as a final grade. A transcript can tell a story. High School is about discovery! Have fun! General Tips (continued) Attendance is vital more than 10 unexcused absences is considered truant Be sure to send in doctors notes and parent notes (give to Ms. Adcock in front office)

Generally, excused absences are for sickness, a death in family, and doctors appointments (vacations are unexcused). Questions?? Email your School Counselor: Kim Brown (last names A F) [email protected] Dwayne Wiggins(last names G O) [email protected] Stacey Cooke (last names P Z) [email protected]

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