NONFICTION - Burnet Middle School

NONFICTION - Burnet Middle School

Elements of NONFICTION PURPOSE: reasons for writing POINT OF VIEW: perspective or opinion about a subject TONE: attitude projected by certain words and phrases

Informative Texts Inform or give information to the reader Examples: newspaper reports, encyclopedia

articles, and science books Narrative Nonfiction Tell a story of real people, places, things, and events Inform and entertain the

reader Literary Nonfiction Use language in creative ways Words are chosen to stir up feelings in the reader

Writers use comparisons in poems or they include vivid details to make their writing Autobiography A story about the writers

own life Told by the writer Three Types of Autobiographies Memoir: Describes one or more meaningful events and

may express strong feelings Diary: A personal record of events and experiences Autobiographical Sketch: A brief description of the high points of a persons

life Essay Short work about a single subject Written for many purposes

Types of Essays Persuasive/argumentative essay: to convince readers to adopt a particular point of view or take a certain action

Narrative essay: tells the story of an event that happened in real life, often one that the writer witnessed, or saw

Expository essay: presents facts, ideas, and explanations Reflective essay: presents the writers thoughts and beliefs about a subject or an event Types of Speeches

Speech: an oral, or spoken, presentation of a speakers ideas and beliefs Persuasive speeches: urge listeners to adopt certain

beliefs or to take action Address: a formal speech to a specific group of people about a specific subject Talk: an informal presentation in which the

speaker shares his or her knowledge on a subject Other Forms of Nonfiction Advertisement: written for a target audience;

about a product or service; often using visuals; aims to persuade Letter: addressed to a specific individual group; may be personal or formal;

aims to share thoughts, describes events, or requests action or information Editorial: states the writers position on an issue; featured in

newspapers or magazines; aims to persuade Functional text: presents facts in easy-to-read form; aims to inform Examples: schedules,

menus, charts Authors Purpose Authors main reason for writing: To inform To persuade To entertain

To describe To express feelings First-Person Point of View The narrator takes part Refers to himself or herself as

I The reader knows only what the narrator sees, thinks, and feels Third-Person Point of View The narrator does not take

part An outsider or observer shares information that the other characters do not know

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