Tobacco Trouble Kills More than all Other Drugs

Tobacco Trouble  Kills More than all Other Drugs

Tobacco Trouble Kills More than all Other Drugs Combined! 430,000 + Every Year! Second Hand Smoke Impairment & Illness Remember about Tobacco

Emphysema Cancer, Heart Attacks Smokers Face/Breath/Teeth No Safe Way To Use Alcohol Trouble Health Risk Fitness for Duty Accidents Drinking & Driving

Violence / Family Underage Drinking Remember about Alcohol Excessive Drinking can Cause Problems with... Work, Family, Friends, Society, and Self

Illegal (Controlled) DrugsMarijuana Cocaine Methamphetamine Hallucinogens

Narcotics Depressants Steroids Inhalants Marijuana Strong, Available, $, 30 Mil Users, Reputation as a safe drug, antiestablishment

Marijuana Effects on: Brain, Lungs, Heart, Sex/Rep, Immunity System, Personality, Marijuana 15 Times Stronger than 70s

Keeps People from Achieving Their Potential Often Laced w/ Other Drugs Hooks into Fat Cells Cocaine & Methamphetamine Similarities: Increased Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Energy, Activity, Insomnia,

Euphoria followed by Depression, Neural Disruption, Wired, Addiction The Up Twins COCAINE vs. Methamphetamine Crack vs. ICE Differences:

Coke=> Shorter, Bigger Surge Ice=> Voices & Bugs, Paranoia, Violence Cocaine Highly Addicting Dealing & Stealing High Dying Potential

Often in Up/Down Combos => w/ Heroin Methamphetamine - Ice High Potential for Violence, Addiction, & Death The Drug of Choice in Hawaii 2-3 Months Addiction Time Losing Ones Mind & Will

Ecstasy (Methamphetamine) vs. Herbal Ecstasy (Ephedrine) Ecstasy: Powerful Stimulant & Hallucinogen Herbal Ecstasy: Dangerous When Taken in Multiple Doses or When Soldier is Susceptible

Hallucinogens Therapeutic Use Street Abuse Army Testing Begins in 1989 Users Easy to Spot Hallucinogens Effects: Focus X,

Distortions, Nausea, Disorientation, Performance X, Communications X, Panic, TRAUMA Hallucinogens Things to Remember: Its Advantages are Its Disadvantages

Not Counteractable Extreme Trauma/FlashB # 1 on Army Hit List Depressants 1950s - Sleeping Pills 1960s - Barbiturates (Seconal & Phenobarbital)

1970 to present - Benzodiazepines (Valium, Librium, Xanax) Others - Methaqualone, Miltown Depressants - Effects Slowed Down, Sleepy; Impaired Thinking, Coordination; Mood Swings, Stressed Heart Flip Side

Withdrawal OVERDOSE: Confusion, Cramps, Vomiting, Convulsions, Rohypnol & GHB Date Rape / Rip Off Drugs Alcohol Extenders:

Used by Soldiers at Raves High Risk and Potential Overdose DEPRESSANTS Things To Remember * Fast Addiction Pattern * High % of Addiction

* High Potential for Dying NARCOTI CS The Naturals: Opium, Morphine, Heroin

The Synthetics: Percodan, Demerol, Codeine NARCOTI Effec CS

ts Sleepy, Pinpoint Pupils, Cold Skin, Warm Body Excessive Use: Organ Damage, Endocarditis, Abscesses WITHDRAWAL: Cramps, Tremors,

Nausea, Sweating, Runny Nose, Watery OVERDOSE: Convulsions, Coma, Death * AIDS NARCOTI

Things To CS Remember * Combining with Uppers (e.g. speedballing cocaine * Combining with Downers (e.g. alcohol)

* High Potency Varieties (e.g. black tar, designer drugs) Inhalants The Hidden Addiction: Readily Available => Gas, Glue, Sprays, Paint, Polish, Cleaning Fluid, Medications, Poppers, White Out, Scented

Pens.... Inhalants Effects: Feeling LightHeaded, Light-Sensitive, Sores, Nose Bleeds => Organ Damage, Bone Marrow, Increasing Dysfunction, Withdrawal, Addiction, Overdose

Inhalants Things to Remember: Very Short High, Very High Dosage Rate, High Addiction & Overdose Potential Anabolic Steroids

Invented in 1935 Widely Used & Promoted in the 50s Discouraged Use 1960-1990 Non-Athlete Use: 1990s Anabolic Steroids Effects: Building Muscle Mass - getting bigger, stronger, faster. Puffy Face, Acne,

Jaundice, Extremities, Organ Damage, ROID RAGE !#@*#! Long Term Death Anabolic Steroids Things to Remember: Most buy Steroids Illegally, are not under medical care, and take in megadoses. Excess Use Causes Too

Many Changes, Too Fast For The Body to Handle

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