Medical School Histology Basics Eye

Medical School Histology Basics Eye

Medical School Histology Basics Eye VIBS 243 lab Larry Johnson Texas A&M University Aqueous humor Ref code #6 OUTLINE OVERVIEW CELLULAR STRUCTURES THROUGH WHICH LIGHT PASSES A.


Aqueous humor VITREOUS BODY (VITREOUS HUMOR) Ref code # 6, 10 Ref code #5 34412 192 Eye conjuctiva on white of eye sclera

Conjunctiva Stratified squamous epithelium with some goblet cells Ref code # 10 Eye 192 human and 34412 monkey Aqueous humor Connective tissue Nerve Posterior chamber

192 Retina Cornea Sclera Pupil Optic nerve Anterior chamber Lens Iris 34412 34412 Vitreous body

Chorioid layer Ciliary body Ref code # 5, 6 192 Eye corneal layers Stratified squamous Epithelium Bowman's membrane Corneal stroma Corneal endothelium Corneal fibroblasts

Descemet's Membrane Ref code #6 292 corneal layers Iris of Eye (toluidine blue) Ciliary muscle: smooth muscle Sclera Lens Sclera-cornea junction (limbus) Aqueous humor

Bowman's membrane Corneal stroma Aqueous humor Corneal endothelium Iris Descemet's Membrane Anterior chamber Iris Posterior chamber

292 Ciliary muscle:Ciliary smooth muscle processes Blood vessel lens Nerves Ciliary muscle 192 192 Eye ciliary muscle Pupil

Iris Artifactual space Conjunctival sac Sclera-cornea junction (limbus) Ciliary muscle Posterior chamber Ciliary processes Anterior chamber Ciliary muscle

(smooth muscle) 192 192 Eye secretory cells Pigmented cells of the ciliary processes become the dilator muscle of the iris Pigmented cells Secretory cells Iris Secretory cells become the pigmented cells of the iris

Ciliary processes 292 Conjunctiva Eye (toluidine blue) Iris Ciliary muscle Trabecular meshwork Air Canal of Schlemm Anterior chamber

Limbus Endothelium of trabecular meshwork is continuous with the transport endothelium of the cornea Ciliary processes Iris Posterior chamber 192 Eye trabecular meshwork and canal of Schlemm

Canal of Schlemm Limbus Trabecular meshwork Anterior chamber with aqueous humor Ciliary muscle Canal of Schlemm Trabecular meshwork Iris Blood vessels

Posterior chamber with aqueous humor Monkey eye 34412 ham ber 292Eye (toluidine blue) ior c Lens Constrictor muscle

Pupil Len sc Iris rior ch am ber pupil Ref code # 10

Lens Pos te Iris aps ule Ante r Dilator muscle Cuboidal epithelium

on anterior surface of lens Iris 292 Eye (toluidine blue) Lens Lens cuboidal epithelium Lens capsule Iris constrictor smooth muscle

Lens Ref code # 10 The capsule is a shared basement membrane of the lens epithelium Ref code # 10 The

capsule is a shared basement membrane of the lens epithelium Lens 192 and 34412 Lens and iris Pigmented epithelium of iris Lens capsule Pos teri

or cha mb er Iris Iris Lens cuboidal epithelium 34412 Iris constrictor muscle is smooth muscle Lens anterior surface

192 292 Eye (toluidine blue) elongation of lens cuboidal cells at bow region Capsule Lens cuboidal epithelium Lens cuboidal epithelium on its anterior surface gives rise to elongated lens fibers in the bow region, and the shared basement membrane of these cells is the capsule Capsule flattened lens fibers

Artifactual space 34412 No cuboidal epithelium on the posterior surface of the lens and the capsule is thinner there 34412 Eye monkey Sites of attachment of zonules to the lens capsule Anterior surface er

Ant Iris ce urfa ior s Poste rior su rface lens Ligaments (zonules) 192

lens One site of attachment of a zonule to the capsule on the lens on its posterior surface Sclara 34412 Ciliary muscle Zonules 192 Lens fibers

Capsule and cuboidal epithelium on the anterior surface of lens Thinner capsule on the posterior surface of the lens 34412 Eye monkey Capillary network in retina Pigmented layer of epithelial cells Elaborate network

of vessels, the choroid plexus. Central artery of the retina Ref code #5 34412 Cones Rods Ganglion cell layer Bipolar cells Vitreous body

Retinal pigmented epithelium ace tual sp c a if t r A Photosensitive portion of rod and cone cells Retinal pigmented

epithelium sp Artifactual ace Sclera Venule in the choroid plexus Rods Cones Photosensitive portion of rod and cone cells Retinal pigmented epithelium

Nuclei of rod and cone cells = outer nuclear layer Eye - Retina and choroid: Blood vessels in the retina 292 Artifact space Choroid Choroid plexus Melanin granules Retina

Nucleus Retinal pigment epithelium 292 Retina (toluidine blue) Bipolar cells Photoreceptor cells Artifactual space Rods Optic nerve

Capillary In retina Cones Typical retina Ganglion cell layer Macula with top two layers pulled back to aid vision Bipolar cells Rods and cones Rods and cones

Retinal pigmented epithelium Retinal pigmented epithelium Conjunctiva Cornea ra e l Sc 192 lens

Choroid plexus Cornea Iris Vitreous body Retina Sclera Lens Optic nerve Anterior chamber Posterior chamber Aqueous

humor 292 34412 Pigmented epithelium Choroid Blind spot where optic nerve enters the retina Bipolar cell layer Ganglion cell layer Photosensitive region

of rods and cones 292 Eye (toluidine blue) Blind spot where optic nerve enters the retina 34412 Choroid plexus Retina OPTIC CUP AND NERVE HEAD Retina In summary

Ref code # 6, 10 Many illustrations in these VIBS Histology YouTube videos were modified from the following books and sources: Many thanks to original sources! 1. Alberts, et al., 1989. Molecular Biology of the Cell. 2nd Edition. Garland Publishing, Inc. New York. ISBN 0-8240-3695-6. 2. Alberts, et al., 1994. Molecular Biology of the Cell. 3nd Edition. Garland Publishing, Inc. New York. ISBN 0-8153-1619-4. 3. Bloom, W. and Fawcett, D.W., 1968. A Textbook of Histology. 9th Edition. W.B. Saunders Company. Philadelphia. Library of Congress #6717445. 4. Elias, H. et al., 1978. Histology and Human Microanatomy. A Wiley Medical Publication. John Wiley & Sons, New York. ISBN 0-471- 04929-8. 5. Eroschenko, V. 2000. Di Fiores Atlas of Histology with Functional Correlations. 9th Edition. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Philadelphia. ISBN 07817-2676-X. 6. Fawcett, D.W., 1986. Bloom and Fawcett. A Textbook of Histology. 11th Edition. W.B. Saunders Company. Philadelphia. ISBN 0-7216- 1729-8. 7. Fawcett, D.W., 1994. Bloom and Fawcett. A Textbook of Histology. 12th Edition. Chapman and Hall. New York. ISBN 0-412-04691-1. 8. Guyton, A.C. 1971. Textbook of Medical Physiology. 4th Edition. W.B. Saunders Company. Philadelphia. Library of Congress # 74- 118589. 9. Ham, A.W. 1974. Histology. 7th Edition. J.B. Lippincott Company. Philadelphia. ISBN 0-397-52062-X. 10. Ham, A.W. and Cormack, D.H. 1979. Histology. 8th Edition. J.B. Lippincott Co. Philadelphia. ISBN 0-397-52089-1. 11. Junqueria, et al., 1995. Basic Histology. 8th Edition. Appleton and Lange. Norwalk, Connecticut. ISBN 08385-0567-8. 12. Junqueira, et al., 1998. Basic Histology. 9th Edition. Appleton and Lange. Stamford, Connecticut. ISBN 0-8385-0590-2.

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e. a, b, and c 2. Which structure is not correctly paired with its function? a. the iris regulates the amount of light that reaches the retina b. ciliary bodies alter the shape of the lens by the attached zonules c. the trabecular meshwork enhances the outflow of vitreous humor d. the cornea focuses the image on the retina e. the retinal and choroid blood vessels provide nutrients to the retina 3. Which function(s) least match(s) that of the cornea? a. protection b. structural support c. filter out undesirable light rays d. focus image on photosensitive portion of the photoreceptor cells e. none of the above The end of

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