Jason Kerr - live.ft.com

Jason Kerr - live.ft.com

Jason Kerr 18 April 2018 Introduction A new chapter for Uzbekistan Legal and economic reforms

Investment opportunities 2 Legal and Economic Reforms 3 2017 2021 Strategy of Actions for Development

Major changes to currency regime Anti-corruption legislation Doing business in Uzbekistan innovations

PPP 4 Foreign Trade and Investment 5 Customs reforms

Tax incentives for investors WTO accession Expansion of Free Economic Zones

6 Investment Opportunities 7 Multilaterals Reforms supported by multilateral development banks

EBRDs new Tashkent office in 2017 World Bank and Uzbekistan Partnership Framework 20162020 EIB Uzbekistan Framework Agreement 2017

ADB and IDB: extending investment programmes 8 Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals US$30.4 billion in oil and gas sector investments targeted by 2021

Priority upstream and downstream investments Exploration and development Refocusing exports from raw materials to petrochemicals

9 Power/Renewables US$5.3 billion to be invested in Self-sufficiency in electric power Priority: renewable energy development of renewable energy through 2017-2021

10 Thank you

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