International exchange possibilities for Eng Lit students

International exchange possibilities for Eng Lit students

Some recent destinations for Eng Lit students Amsterdam Barcelona Berlin British Columbia California Connecticut Copenhagen Delhi Hong Kong Melbourne

Pennsylvania Sydney Toronto Vienna International exchange possibilities for Eng Lit students International Exchange programme Erasmus competition Destinations in North America,

Canada, Australia, NZ, Asia, India Amsterdam Berlin Barcelona Copenhagen Vienna A competition run by the International Office Our partner institutions:

A competition run by the English dept in conjunction with the International office Where to look for a complete listing of possible international destinations uidance - a list of all of our International Exchange partners, grouped by country, with notes of guidance for each institution. Nb. unless youre on the joint Hons degree in Spanish and English Literature, Latin American universities are excluded because they teach in the medium of Spanish.

Eligibility / suitability for the optional year abroad Everyone in second year, whether on a Single Eng Lit or a joint Eng Lit degree programme (the exception is Eng Lit with a MEL*), with another subject, is eligible to apply for this optional year abroad; A good academic performance in first year is necessary/desirable (eg. consistent attainment of final grades above 60%). You must pass all your courses at the first attempt and meet the requirements for progression into Honours. If you have a resit in August there is a strong likelihood that you will be unable to spend your third year abroad.

The nature of the exchange Exchanges in English are for a full year; single semester exchanges arent possible. We require you to take an equivalent number of credits in terms of courses that you would take in your third year at Edinburgh ie. 120 Edinburgh credits = 60 credits ECTS [in Europe] This could be anything from 3 courses per semester to 6 courses. Your course choices will need to be approved in terms of academic suitability and credit bearing by the dept exchange co-ordinator prior to your departure. This will be usually be in the late spring. You complete the compulsory Learning Agreement form which is signed by the sending and host institutions. Requirements for successful completion of the year abroad

Single Eng Lit students are required to take at least one course in the medieval / early modern subject area. For students on joint degrees, there are no required courses to take for Eng Lit *but* you may have compulsory courses for your other subject area do ask them! For more information on choice of courses, please refer to the host university's website. During your year abroad you must complete and pass the required number of courses. The grades which you attain on your exchange year do not count as part of the final degree classification awarded by Edinburgh. This means that final Honours degree classification is solely based on your performance in fourth year. Joint Eng Lit & MEL students

Youre required to write a Long Essay of 6000 words on your year abroad which is submitted on your return to Edinburgh in September This is worth 40 credits of your final fourth year English Literature mark. There will be a special meeting for joint Eng Lit & MEL students with the Exchange Director in March next year. The application process You can apply to both the International and Erasmus exchange schemes You apply online via the Mobility portal on the International Office website [see above]

What you need to prepare: the personal statement Timeline for applications International scheme 2nd November: online application opens Deadline of November 27th, by 5pm: very important! Theres no extension and late applications cannot be considered Call for interview Notification of outcome in late December / January

Late January: deadline to accept or decline offer. Erasmus scheme 2nd November: online application opens Deadline of November 27th, by 5pm: very important! Theres no extension and late applications cannot be considered Notification of outcome in late December / January Late January: deadline to accept or decline offer.

Timeline - after accepting your place Compulsory pre-departure briefing run by the International Office in March Pre-departure briefing run by English Literature in the last week of the second semester. International Office and host institution will help in arranging travel; accommodation, visas, insurance, vaccinations etc. Support whilst youre away Staff within your School and the International Office provide academic, pastoral and administrative support throughout your exchange. School contacts

Every School has a dedicated Exchange Coordinator - this is a member of academic staff who will be a key contact for academic and pastoral support throughout your exchange. The Student Support Officer(s) within your School will also provide pastoral support for you during your exchange. You should also remain in contact with your Personal Tutor throughout your exchange and keep them updated on your progress. All outgoing exchange students receive a copy of the Study Abroad Handbook from the International Office. Edinburgh Exchange 360 is a social and support society for students who are on, pre-, or postexchange - How to give yourself the best possible chance Give yourself lots of time to prepare your application.

Go to the information sessions and workshops run by the International office Get in touch with the Eng Lit exchange director [email protected] Research your chosen destination(s): why do you especially want to go there (short term/longer term plans)? Does the University hold particular appeal, or particular courses you want to study? What might that location be like to live in? What can it offer you? Courses and assessment Style of learning Language Accommodation Cost of Living

Climate Travel Opportunities Term Times Ambassadorial Role Erasmus Exchanges - university websites a. Amsterdam b. Autonomous University of Barcelona universitat/campus_fac_dep/departaments/e/depfilologiaanglesa.html> c. Free University of Berlin < eph/index.html>

d. Copenhagen e. Vienna <> Some helpful websites (1) The Go Abroad homepage contains information on study, work and volunteering opportunities, plus much more. Go Abroad - Tuition fees are not charged by the host institution for students going on exchanges, but there may be implications on what they pay here at Edinburgh. University of Edinburgh Registry - Fees section - All outgoing students are required to make insurance arrangements for their travel and possessions. University of Edinburgh Insurance Office The Disability Service can provide support to students who need extra support whilst abroad.

University of Edinburgh Disability Service - The British Council's Erasmus pages include vast information for students and staff. British Council Erasmus webpages - Some helpful websites (2) The Foreign and Commonwealth Office provide country specific information and updates. British Embassies and Consular services worldwide Foreign and Commonwealth Office travel advice - The Scotland Goes Global project addresses outward student mobility opportunities and encouraging greater uptake by Scottish students. Scotland Goes Global - Taking Advantage of Time Away: Edinburgh Employability Initiative International Exchange Erasmus Student Network Sharing experiences Find out how other Edinburgh students fared on exchange or get in touch with others who are going to your host university: See Edinburgh Exchanges blogs - find out whether preconceptions and expectations match reality, the highlights and the challenges of a year on exchange from Edinburgh. Go Abroad on Facebook - the Go Abroad group is a hub for past, present and future Edinburgh students to network and share in their

experience of studying abroad. Edinburgh International Office website To contact the International Office, see nternational-office/contact-us To access the International Office homepage, see finance For information on

See An Erasmus grant is available to participating students to assist with the extra costs of studying and working abroad [see above website]. Pre-application information sessions run by the International Office This year's Go Abroad Fair will take place on 21 October 2015, 1-4pm in The Venue, Potterrow, Bristo Square. Wednesday October 14th, 1-3pm - Appleton Tower Lecture Theatre Wednesday October 28th, 12-2pm, James Clerk Maxwell Building, Lecture Theatre A Online session: Friday 16th November, 2-4pm. Register at: Regional focus sessions Latin America Friday 16th October, 12-1, David Hume Tower, Lecture Theatre C Asia - Friday 30th October, 12-1, David Hume Tower, Lecture Theatre C Australia and New Zealand - Friday 6th November, 12-1, David Hume Tower, Lecture Theatre C

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