How to Conjugate…

How to Conjugate…

How to Conjugate SPANISH VERBS First, lets review the subject pronouns. Person 1st 2nd 3 rd Singular yo I t you usted l he ella

you she Plural nosotros m. we nosotras f. vosotros m. you vosotras f. ustedes ellos m. ellas f. you they 1. Grammar. To inflect a verb in its forms for distinctions such as number, person, voice, mood, and tense.

Examples of a conjugation I run. We are. You have. You see. She walks. They speak. not having inflections to indicate tense n : the uninflected (or unconjugated) form of the verb the to form of a verb: to run, to walk, to have There are three types of verbs in Spanish.

-AR -ER Types of verbs -IR -AR verbs are verbs that end in ar. Hablar, mirar. -ER verbs end in er. Comer, beber. -IR verbs end in ir. Vivir. * Verbs ending in ar, -er, and ir in Spanish are known as infinitives. Lets get started Conjugating regular AR

verbs. To conjugate a regular AR verb, one must first remove the AR ending from the infinitive. This will leave you with the base. Use the infinitive, hablar hablar ar = habl is your base habl Add the regular AR verb endings to your base o as a

amos is an infinitive ending = base hablar ar = habl ha o ha amo bl a ha s bl a bl s ha is bl an

These endings correspond with the following subject pronouns. Singular Person 1st yo = o 2nd 3rd t = as Ud. l = a ella

Plural nosotros/as = amos vosotros/as = is Uds. ellos ellas = an P uzzle d Memorization is the key to conjugating regular verbs in Spanish

Conjugating regular verbs in Spanish is a pattern. Infinitive -AR = Base Habl o Once you have learned to conjugate one regular AR verb infinitive ending = base nadar

nao nad d a nas d a na d ar = naamo d s nais d an you can na conjugate all d regular AR verbs. infinitive ending = base

caminar ar = camo camamo camin in in s a cams camis in in a an cam cam add your subject pronouns yo t Ud. l ella

cocinar ar = coci o nosotros/as coci amo cocin n n s vosotros/as a cocis cociis n Uds. n ellos a an ellas coci coci

Conjugating Spanish AR verbs is like learning your 123s and your ABCs. Once you know the pattern, you can conjugate every regular AR verb. Also, you can tell if it is 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person singular or plural. Not any more! We still have two more verbs: ER and IR. Were not finished yet.

Dont sweat it though! reg ula r Sp an ish E R As wit AR h reg ver ular bs,

ha an d ve ap at t er n . infinitive ending = base IR ve rb s

The pattern is: infinitive ending = base hablar inf i ni ti v e comer se a =b inf i ni ti v e - ending

e as b = - ending - ending inf i ni ti v e vivir se a =b infinitive ending = base

hablar ar = habl comer er = vivir com ir = viv Now you know the pattern! Now all you need are the endings Once you know how to conjugate the regular AR verb, conjugating ER and IR verbs are simple. -ER verbs are like AR verbs. The only difference is the A and the E. -IR verbs are sister verbs to the ER verbs.

They share four of the same endings. Here are the regular verb endings -AR Perso n 1st 2nd 3rd -ER -IR Singular Plural Singular

Plural Singular Plural -o -amos -o -emos -o -imos -as

-is -es -is -es -s -a -an -e -en -e -en

Get your pencil ready! yo t Ud. l ella comer er = com o nosotros/as com emo com s vosotros/as com com e

s is com Uds. com ellos e en ellas Dont get tired yet, Now ready for the next step yo vivir ir = viv viv o nosotros/as viv imos viv

e s Ud. viv l e t ella vosotros/as viv s Uds. ellos ellas viv en Now wipe away all those tears, there is nothing

more to fear. You have now learned how to conjugate regular Spanish verbs. Time is up, so now were done. Lets go have some fun!

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