Ethics - Computer Action Team

Ethics - Computer Action Team

ECE 371 Microprocessors Introduction Your PSU Instructor and You Herbert G. Mayer, PSU Status 10/13/2015 For use at CCUT Fall 2015 1 Who is Your PSU Instructor? Instructor is a German immigrant to the USA, who worked in the US computer industry and academia Moved to the USA, due to marriage with US citizen in Berlin Became naturalized US citizen in 1995 MS EECS (electrical engineering an computer science) UCSD 1983; beautiful beach & campus!

PhD CS (Informatik, equivalent to Computer Science) TU Berlin 1995; awesome city, now united! Dissertation published as book at Springer Verlag 1996 Professional focus at Intel on compiler optimization, HW validation, alias analysis, programming languages, VLIW, multiprocessing 2 Your Instructor PhD Thesis on automatic generation of MPobject code via alias analysis of source programs Retired from Intel Corp. in 2011 after 24 years with the microprocessor company Implemented Intel Compilers for systolic array architecture 1980s

Managed Intel CPU tuning lab 1990s Manager Intel CPU validation in 2000s for new Intel processors Teaching computer science since 1987 PSU Teaching experience 2004 in Shanghai, at IIIST Loved China and teaching in China very much, so that I participated in our CCUT + PSU cooperation Committed to CCUT in academic year 2014-2015 3 Goals of ECE 371 Study history, architecture, use, and internals of modern 32-bit microprocessors; very complex!! Learn how to program microprocessors via structured assembly language programs Understand processor interrupts, nested

interrupts, and interrupt priorities Understand microprocessor bus, cache-line relation Learn about processor memory, memory hierarchy, and virtual memory management Study, how dynamic branch prediction improves performance even of highly pipelined architecture 4 Who are You? Briefly, 2-6 students volunteer to articulate in class, explaining:

Your name Your field of study, major, and current progress Why do you take ECE 221 What is your expectation of this class? What is your minimal goal for this class? Which is your ideal learning goal? Have you worked in the computer industry? Which computer subjects are you interested in? Anything else relevant to this course 5

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