Data Security Solutions

Data Security Solutions

D ATA - I N -T R A N S I T W E B A P P L I C AT I O N WebMTE MicroToken Exchange Data Security Solutions August 2019 W E D O N T M A K E T H E T H I N G S YO U U S E W E M A K E T H E T H I N G S YO U U S E M O R E S E C U R E Copyright Eclypses 2019 - Confidenti Securing Transmitted Data Most networks being used are simply not safe nor secure. Transmitted data remains vulnerable to attack! Public Wi-Fi Mobile ~ Corporate ~

Personal ~ Home ~ In most encrypted applications, the underlying transpor t type is TCP. TCP must be resilient to protect applications from attacks 95% of HTTPS servers are vulnerable to Man IBMs X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2018. in The Middle (MitM) attacks. 1/3+ of exploitation involved MitM attacks. Problems We Help To Solve - Securing Transmitted Data In a perfect

world, what internet security would you want for your firm and for your clients? DataInWhat would Transit clients think if you Could offer levels of Security your competitors did not possess? Securing Data In Transit - MTE for Web Applications Eclypses MicroToken Exchange (MTE) WebMTE is the first protection of its kind as it secures transmitted sensitive data elements within a web page both seamlessly and easily

Functions within Web Assembly framework Scalable to well over 1000s of simultaneo us connections Point to point technology Automated within Javas script Can be utilized within all major browser types that support it

Every sensitive data transmissio n secured Each instance of sensitive data can be locked down individually before transmission Eliminates plausible Man-InThe-Middle attacks No Key Management required nor managed by Endpoints Agnostic to communication protocols Data-In-Transit Protects the data

that will be transmitted over unsecured Wi-Fi, as well as, many other network connection types Connected Devices Data-At-Rest Securing Data In Transit - WebMTE No effect upon User experience, including latency No additional action required by user to enable the MTE Technology No software installed onto user endpoints Simple implementation

Scales with minimal effort Securing Data In Transit - MTE for Web Applications WebMTE Secures Transmissions of Sensitive Data to and from Web Servers PII All types of Personal Identifiable Information Payments ~ eCommerce ~ All Payments and PII elements Secure Structured or Unstructured

forms of data Forms Applications, Healthcare, Claims Registration, Credentialing, Verification Patent Pending key management The technology behind MTE for Web Applications Secure Data Transmission Between Endpoints Pll Data Transactions, Verifications, Mobile & Desktop

Applications Live Feed Streaming Video Surveillance Any File Type e.g. Email, Documents Securing Data In Transit - MTE for Web Applications https://. .. A web browser requests a webpage from a web server https://. .. The web server sends client-side logic to the browser which will also contain the MTE Commander WebAssembly Securing Data In Transit - MTE for Web Applications Web browser displays a form for the entry of sensitive information Name: Your

name Here SSN:123-456789 Name: 3KXyQ6KNoG SSN: 6I<'nsh`9^M~>}/ _ The user enters the information to be transmitted securely. Utilizing JavaScript, the webpage calls upon MTEs Commander to securely MicroTokenize the sensitive data. Penetration Tested To NIST 800-30 Penetration Testing Excerpts from H2L Solutions, Inc. - Executive Summary With the current techniques and safeguards in place, as well as the algorithms being used in MTE Authentication Token generation, it would take the attempt of a nation-state level actor to break the process being used to both generate tokens and decrypt, or read those tokens, as communication between client and server. This technology provides possibilities to extend

current and future military technologies by allowing the implementation of remote functionality without compromising security and safety of both the warfighters and equipment. Contact Us Ensuring that sensitive data remains unavailable to exploitation in the event of an internal or external network defense breach For more information contact: [email protected] Direct: (USA) +1 719. 323. 6680 Securing Data via MicroToken Exchange Thank You For Your Interest Thank You For Your Interest Thank You For Your

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