Chapter 10- Launching the New Ship of State

Chapter 10- Launching the New Ship of State

Chapter 10- Launching the New Ship of State HONORS AMERICAN HISTORY MR . TAYLOR Growing PainsAmerica-1789 Population was doubling every 25 years. Philadelphia- 42,000/ NY33,000 90% Rural 95% Lived east of the Appalachians 1791- 15 States Growing population in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio NO controlled by the unfriendly Spanish WASHINGTON, and the 1st Congress Unanimous choice by the electoral

college. Imposing presence- 62 Read page 181 1st Cabinet- Appointed by President and confirmed by the Senate Secretary of State- Thomas Jefferson Secretary of the Treasury- Alexander Hamilton Secretary of War- Henry Knox Bill of Rights and the Judiciary

The promise of the Bill of Rights needed to be fulfilled James Madison guided it through Congress Safeguarded some of the most precious American Liberties- Pg 182 Judiciary Act of 1787- Created the federal court system- Supreme Court, 6 Members/ federal and circuit courts/ Attorney General HAMILTON- And the public debt Alexander Hamilton was a financial wizard- Read pgs. 183 Bolster the national credit by paying off ALL national and state debt from the Revolutionary War FUNDING AT PAR- Pay off all debts at face value, plus

accumulated interest- $54 Million Paying off of State debts as a national obligation- pg 183-84 HOW TO RAISE MORE MONEY 1. Increase in Tariff- Mostly for revenue, some for protection 2. Excise Tax- Mostly from the sale of whiskey - FARMER DISLIKED THE EXCISE TAX- WHY? HAMILTON AND THE NATIONAL BANK Hamilton supported the idea of a national bank Us Government would be the major stockholder (owner) Treasury could deposit excess revenue (money) Print money- Help to develop a sound and stable currency Thomas Jefferson (sec. of State) was against the National Bank

No Constitutional Authority Only the state has the power to establish the bank- 10 th Amendment Strict Construction vs. Loose Construction- Read Pg. 195 HAMILTON PREVAILED WITH WASHINGTONS BACKING Northern Manufacturers supported the Bank Southern Agriculture was against it WHISKEY REBELLION AND THE EMERGENCE OF POLITICAL PARTIES- Page 185-186 WASHINGTON AND FOREIGN POLICY IMPACT OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION- Pgs. 187-190 WASHINGTONS NEUTRALITY PROC. The British continued to control a chain of forts along the NE United States Franco-American Alliance 1778- US would

defend Fr. West Indies against attack. That is exactly what the British did British agents openly sold weapons to the indians- Little Turtle/ Treaty of Greenville British began attacking American shipping in the West Indies Impressment and imprisoning of American sailors

Jeffersonian Republicans supported the French Washington thought America should stay out of the war- pg.190 1793- Neutrality Act- Called for all Americans to remain impartial Embroilments with Britain Pro-French Jeffersonians were enraged Jeffersonians called for war Pro-British Federalists were encouraged

CITIZEN GENET- Hamilton and the Federalists depended on trade with Britain Supported Neutrality TREATIES WITH BRITAIN AND SPAIN Jays Treaty 1794 Washington sent John Jay to Britain to avoid war The Treaty- pg. 192 Jeffersonians were enraged over the treaty- Seemed like a surrender Pickneys Treaty

Treaty with Spain over NO and the border Florida and disputed territory Washingtons farewell- Pg. 193 Election of 1796 Alexander Hamilton was unpopular in certain areas of America- Could not run Federalists- John Adams Dem. Rep.- Thomas JeffersonWhiskey Rebellion and Jays Treaty Page 194- Adams and the election UNOFFICIAL FIGHTING WITH FRANCE FRANCE WAS: Infuriated by Jays Treaty French warships began seizing American merchant vessels Paris refused to receive Americas envoy or diplomat

XYZ Affair Page 195 Calls for war President Adams dealings with France Infuriated the Federalists-Page 196 Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions Compact Theory- Nullification Pages 197-198 Political Parties See next slide THE TWO POLITICAL PARTIES

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