Changes to the KS1 Sats Arrangements. - Stanah

Changes to the KS1 Sats Arrangements. - Stanah

Changes to the KS1 Sats Arrangements. Changes to the Year 2 Curriculum The new curriculum has been extended and deepened, with many concepts from year 3 having been moved to year 2. The goal posts for achieving the expected level

at KS1 have been moved significantly. Levels no longer exists- children will be assessed as working towards the expected level, working at the expected level or working at greater depth at the expected level. Mathematics Children now have to tell the time to the 5 minute

interval using terms to and past. They must know the 3 times table and all division facts. Solve multiplication and division problems including those with remainders They need to find fractions of number , , 1/3, and recognise equivalence. As well count in fractions. Add and subtract 2 two digit numbers. Apply all mathematical knowledge and understanding

to solving problems including 2 step problems. SPAG Spell words in their contracted form. Add a variety of suffixes: ness, ment, est, er, less, ful and apply correct spelling rule. Turn adjectives into adverbs. Know the different word classifications.

Write sentences from dictation. Know about statements, commands, questions and exclamations. Use subordination for time and reason e.g when, while, before, after, because, so, if then Reading

Read fluently approx 90 words per minute. Read without overt sounding and blending. Demonstrate clear inference. Use morphology to work out the meaning of unfamiliar words.

Main SATs Changes Children will sit an unseen test in SPAG ( spelling and questions), mathematics ( arithmetic and reasoning) and 2 reading papers. There is no longer any differentiated test- all children will sit the same tests. Tests claim to be easier at the start and become progressively more difficult.

Children are no longer allowed apparatus in the maths tests e.g number squares or numberlines Main SATs Changes Tests will now have a time limit- although this year some discretion will be permitted. Biggest change is that the tests will NO longer indicate a level of achievement. They

will simple state if the child has met or not met the age expected criteria. Examples- Arithmatic Example- Arithmatic The children have to answer 20 questions in approximately 25 minutes.

Although the National Curriculum encourages children to use concrete, pictorial and mental methods. They seem only interested in testing their mental ability. Example- Reasoning

Example- Reasoning The children get 35 minutes to answer 31 questions. Example- SPAG (spelling) The children have 15 minutes to complete 20

spellings. Example- SPAG (questions) The children have 20 minutes to answer 18 questions. Reading- paper 1 Children have 30 minutes

to read and answer 20 questions. Reading- paper 2 The children will have a separate reading booklet and answer booklet. They will have 40 minutes to read and

What we know The test will have to completed in test style conditionsnot unlike Y6 We will be completing these test in the week beginning the 16th May unless we are selected by the government to complete them in April. Teachers will be marking the test but the pass mark wont be released until June. This year the children are still being teacher assessed but

we must take into account the test scores. Information from the DfE is only just coming into schools now and much of it is being challenged. What we have done.. We have continued to immerse your children in a broad and balanced curriculum and have covered all the new areas set out in the revised curriculum. At the same time we have introduced the children to SATs

style questions without making it overt. Since September we have been building a portfolio for each child that show cases their achievements and this will be used as evidence for our teacher judgements. All lessons have been differentiated and targeted to support your child and the children are all making progress. However we are unable to confirm exactly where they are as the DfE is providing nothing to support that until June.

Finally As we no longer have levels it is no longer as easy to see the progress that each child had made, please do not be disheartened if your child finishes KS1 as working towards. Every child is a unique individual and some children will have started at different point to others, so we celebrate the achievements

they have made whilst continuing to support them.

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