Business Communication: Process and Product, 3e

Business Communication: Process and Product, 3e

Business Communication: Process and Product, Mary Ellen Guffey, South-Western. 8-1 Read Article re: Email According to the article. What are some advantages of email? What are some disadvantages of email? What do you think is the most important point made in the article? Email vs. Memo

Whats the difference?? Differences in formatting? Characteristics of Successful Memos and E-Mail Messages Headings: To, From, Date, Subject Single topic Conversational tone Conciseness

Graphic highlighting 8-2 Organization of Memos Subject line Opening Body Closing

8-7 Subject Line Summarize the main idea. Budget Meeting June 3, 10 a.m. 8-8 Opening Start directly; restate and amplify the main idea.

Indirect (ineffective) opening: This is to inform you that we must complete the annual operating budgets shortly. Over the past two months many supervisors have met to discuss their departmental needs. Direct (effective) opening: All supervisors and coordinators will meet June 3 at 10 a.m. to work out the annual operating budgets for their departments. 8-9 Body

Explain and discuss the topic. Use graphic highlighting to facilitate reading, comprehension, and retention. Consider columns, headings, enumerations, bulleted lists, and so forth. 8 - 10 Closing

Request action, including an end date. Summarize the message, or Provide a closing thought. 8 - 11 Memo Formatting

Line up all heading words with those following Subject. Leave side margins of about 1 inches. Indent the lines following bulleted or enumerated items. Use ragged line endings, not justified. Dont include complimentary close or signature. 8 - 12 Leave side margins of about 1 inches.

1 inch margin 1 inch margin 8 - 13 Line up all heading words with those following Subject. To: To: Rob

Rob Montaine Montaine From: From: Heidi Heidi Chan Chan Subject: Subject: FORMATTING FORMATTING AND AND STATIONERY STATIONERY FOR

FOR MEMOS MEMOS Welcome Welcome to to Multimedia, Multimedia, Rob! Rob! Im Im pleased pleased to to be be able able to to answer

answer your your questions questions about about formatting formatting and and stationery stationery for for memos memos in in the the organization. organization. 8 - 15

Dont include complimentary close or signature. Please Pleaseexamine examine the the enclosed enclosed samples samples and and call call me me ifif you you have have additional additional questions.

questions. Enclosures Enclosures Sincerely, Sincerely, 8 - 16 KINDS OF MEMOS Procedure and Information Memos Request and Reply Memos

Confirmation Memos 8 - 17 Procedure and Information Memos These routine messages usually flow

downward; they deliver company information and describe procedures. Tone is important; managers seek employee participation and cooperation. Express ideas positively Give reasons for policies Suggest benefits to readers 8 - 18 Confirmation Memos

Also called to-file reports or incident reports. Record oral decisions, directives, and discussions. Include names and titles of people involved. Itemize major issues and request confirmation from the receiver. 8 - 26 Smart E-Mail Practices

Get the address right. Avoid misleading subject lines. Be concise. Dont send anything you wouldnt want published. Dont use e-mail to avoid contact. Use graphical highlighting 8 - 33

The Six Most Common Mistakes in Sending E-Mail 1. Address goofs 2. Lengthy messages or attachments 3. Misleading subject lines 4. Inappropriate content (such as delivering bad . . . news) 5. Instant indiscretions (angry or thoughtless . . . . . statements) 6. Reckless copying 8 - 35 Gregs Email Goofs

Goof #1 email to Fox 49 Goof #2 email to business faculty Email Assignment Your boss is making a business trip to a foreign country (you choose). Your boss has asked that you prepare a short 1 - 2 page memo describing the country. Info. to include may include population, capital, major cities, major religions,

languages, info on economy and weather. Include a small map in your memo. Please prepare in Word. Suggested info. source is 8 - 35 In Class Assignment Go to instructors web site Click on link to Web-CT initial log in

Determine your Web CT log in (write it down!) Click on Discussion Board and follow assignment posted for today Email and Research Group Assignment Your boss is meeting with representatives at Foster Wheeler to discuss a potential high level business relationship. Hes asked for a short memo from you summarizing the firms activities and performance. Using on-line research for information, prepare a short memo to your boss that succinctly addresses his request. Groups will meet back in class at 11:10 to

present their documents to the class 8 - 35 End 8 - 36

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