Bringing Design to Software

Bringing Design to Software

Chapter 1 A Software Design Manifesto Mitchell Kapor Mitchell Kapor Founder and chair of the Open Source Applications Foundation Founded Lotus

Development Corporation in 1982, designed Lotus 1-2-3 The Case for Design

What is design? When building a house, you consult an architect first, not the engineers. In computer programs, software designers play the same role. Design disciplines are concerned with making artifacts for human use. Software designer should be the person with overall responsibility and realization of the program.

Software Design Today Good software should exhibit: Firmness: should not have any bugs that inhibit its function Commodity: should be suitable for the purposes for which it was intended Delight: experience of using a program should be a pleasurable one

One of the main reasons why most computer software today is so abysmal is because it is engineered, not designed. More Than Interface Design Software design is not the same as user interface design Eg. automobiles dashboard versus the engine and chassis Eg. spreadsheet design: rows, columns, labels,

numbers, formula -- not the user interface Training Designers Should be professional training for software designers Different from Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Programming But should still have a firm ground in tecchnical background

Training should provide a way to model the final result with far less effort than is required to build the final product Not many design tools for software design A Call to Action Conclusion: We should have a software design discipline

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