Branches of Biology

Branches of Biology

Branches of Biology 02/27/20 1 Branches Of Biology Anatomy Study of the structure of living things Biochemistry Study of chemical processes in organisms Cytology Study of the structure

and function of cells Embryology Study of embryo development Evolution Study of changes of organisms over time 02/27/20 2 Branches of Biology Genetics Study of heredity Microbiology Study of living

things at a microscopic level Bacteriology Study of microscopic bacteria Physiology Study of the functions of living things Ecology Study of the relationships between organisms and their environment 02/27/20 3

Branches of Biology Histology Study of animal and plant tissue structure Marine Biology Study of the ocean environment Taxonomy Study of the classification of living things Botany Study of plants Zoology Study of animals 02/27/20

4 Branches of Biology Entomology Study of insects Ethnology Study of human races and origins Herpetology Study of reptiles and amphibians Ichthyology Study of fish Ornithology Study of birds Invertebrate zoology Study of animals without backbones

Oncology Study of cancer 02/27/20 5 Pathology study of the spread or origin of diseases Mycology- study of fungi 02/27/20 6

Hematology study of blood and structures found in blood Virology study of viruses and diseases caused by viruses 02/27/20 7

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