Bellringer…Remember this?

Bellringer…Remember this?

BELLRINGER: Take out completed Cycle 4 Part 1 & 2 words. If you are not done, then please move to outer walls of room and do what you should have done. 2. All else, form a small group of 3 or 4 with nearby peers. 3. Once I give you a word part, share your words & definitions. 4. Choose the best 3 words and definitions that clearly helped you to determine the word part meaning. 5. Send one person to pick up a chart paper and 1-2 markers. 6. Choose a Recorder the selected words & def on chart with

word part meaning. Designate a speaker for the group to share out. 1. Remember our social outcome: I can utilize class time by entering class quickly and quietly and completing the bellringer. Cycle 4 Part 2 Word Meanings: -port-

-duc-/-duct- de- -tract- -ness- -cred-

Vocab Quiz Review: Outcomes I can identify irony and classify its type in a text. I can analyze how an authors use of

irony impacts the texts as a whole. What is Irony? Def: A contrast between what is expected and what really happens. A literary device that authors use to: Examine contradictions and form opinions Heighten emotions Makes a sad situation tragic

Makes what should be a sad situation humorous Emphasize an idea Types of Irony Prog Report Text Evidence of Charlies Misunderstandings of words and

situations Is this Irony? If yes, what type of Irony? Explain how you came to this conclusion Closure: Identify what kind of irony is being displayed and describe the irony. Write the type of irony and your description of it in your

binder. Independent Time 1. Continue reading, annotating, and looking for examples of irony in FFA through Progress Report 8 (Write examples of irony in binder.) 2.

Work on Cycle 4; Part 3 vocab. (Due Wed.) 3. Practice skills learned in class for test coming up on Wednesday. (Irony, Mythology, Vocab, and annotating for elements of fiction)

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