ASAC/docs/051011/03Rose - Brookhaven National Laboratory

ASAC/docs/051011/03Rose - Brookhaven National Laboratory

Progress with Linac and RF Systems Jim Rose, RF group head 8 ASAC meeting for NSLS-II Project May 10-11, 2011 th 1 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Outline Baseline Progress since last ASAC meeting

Conclusions Scope, Cost, Schedule & Staffing Technical Progress Cost & Schedule Performance Risks & Lessons Learned 2 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES NSLS-II RF Systems Storage Ring: Two ~9m RF straights each with two 500 MHz SRF cavities and one 1500

MHz passive bunch lengthening cavity Only one RF straight in initial operations 3 GeV booster with one 7-cell cavity powered by 80 kW IOT amplifier RF building housing two 300 kW klystron amplifiers Also houses 850 W LHe refrigerator 200 MeV linac with four 5.2 m TW

structures powered by two 42 MW klystrons with SS modulators and third hot spare Future expansion for another 2 RF systems 3 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Linac RF Systems 200 MeV S-band linac: 15 nC/pulse requires beam loading compensation using a feedforward algorithm in the cavity field controller

500 MHz modulated gun with 500 MHz buncher, 3 GHz pre-buncher, 3 GHz TW buncher and four 5.2m TW structures Two 42MW klystrons with Solid State Modulators using IGBT switches on multipleprimary, split-core pulse transformer Third Hot Spare klystron can be switched to either position 4 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Linac Linac beam line component production well along: TW structure couplers complete TW braze stacks complete, waiting to solder cooling channels- an improvement over previous glued channels Sub-harmonic and Pre-buncher complete

Solenoid coils complete, triplets(?) Linac front end delayed 3 months but overall schedule ahead by 2 months 5 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Linac: Thales TH2100 klystron 6 TH2100B- 2.998 GHz 42 MW klystron 50 Hz rep rate First Linac klystron completed at factory, klystrons 2 and 3 to be ready for FAT in JuneWill perform site visit to

Thales in Villezy to witness tests BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Linac: Scandinova Modulators Construction of all three modulators in progress, 1 st unit ready for test mid May. Modifications made in response to PSI workshop including wire lugs replacing push-on connectors, improved mechanical design, fixed filament current read back, klystron low impedance ground connection 7 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Storage Ring Transmitter- Klystrons Two TH2161B-3 klystrons in production, FAT in conjunction with Linac klystrons in June 8

BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Storage Ring Transmitter: 540 kVA Cathode supplies in production 3-phase delta-Y HV transformers PSM solid state switcher power supply includes improved output filtering, higher and variable switching frequency as a result of NSLS-II LLRF tests at CLS 9 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Storage Ring Cavities

Cavity redesigned for larger coupling: Qext = 65000 Original HFSS analysis repeated with Microwave Studio (insert Murali slide next) Niobium cavity redesigned for ASME pressure vessel code: niobium thickness increased in fluted beam tube, waveguide Cavity MAWP increased from 1.49 to 1.55 bar to accommodate pressure drop from cryomodule to He compressor suction return line. 10 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Storage Ring Cavities Contract award April 12th to AES for 2 turn-key cavity cryomodule systems

Meyer tool subcontracted to build cryomodule- built 6 prior for Cornell, CLS, TLS AES has excellent track record for ILC niobium cavity productionRisk in cryomodule assembly in clean room: first time for AES: Close proximity will allow frequent review, placement of NSLS-II technician on site 11 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Storage Ring Helium Cryo-System Cryogenic System contract award to LINDE Turn key system to include: 850 W Cold Box and 3500 L dewar 250 kW Kaeser compressor with 2nd as redundant spare 75 kW backup compressor- air cooled in the event of power failure Medium pressure gaseous Helium storage Valve box

All warm and cold piping Installation, commissioning and acceptance test on site 12 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES RF Cryogenic System: Dedicated 850 W Helium refrigerator and LN2 +/- 2 mbar LHe +/- 50 mbar LN2 For frequency stability Dedicated LN2 distribution for RF Cold box, Compressor building 3000-l Dewar decoupled from on RF building tunnel mezzanine

SRF Cavities in tunnel Gaseous Helium tank farm with recovery compressor Valve boxes on tunnel roof 13 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Successful Development of Cavity Controller

Digital Field Controller 50 MHz IF Tested at CLS on hardware nearly identical to NSLS-II: 300 kW klystron and CESR-B SRF cavity Meets NSLS-II field spec. of 0.15 degree and 0.05% H. Ma CLS Analog A=0.073%rms =0.12 rms NSLS-II A=0.026%rms =0.02rms

CLS tests courtesy M. de Jong 14 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Preliminary tests of LLRF at CLS CLS Analog LLRF feedback Normal Ops NSLS-II Digital LLRF feedback Machine Studies 15

BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES NSLS-II 3rd Harmonic Cavity Coupled-two cell cavity allows 1 MV in compact cryomodule with external tuner and small heat leaks however it requires care in controlling the 0 and-mode frequency separation to avoid exciting the 0-mode 0-mode -mode (0- ) fixed by coupling Excitation of -mode by RF 3rd harmonic 0-mode not

excited Parked Two 2-cell cavities 3xRF (n+1)Frev 3xRF nFrev 3xRF Tuning Fixture Frev~380kHz Cryomodule is complete and initial cold-test conducted verifying the frequency tuning over a 1 MHz band while keeping 0 and mode frequency separation constant to within 10 %. 16 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES

Landau Cavity: cryomodule complete First horizontal cold test complete completely validates 0- mode tuning over 1 MHz bandwidth. Low Q loaded (6e7 vs. 2e8) explained by trapped TE mode. Need to design and fabricate ferrite dampers, tuner mechanism 17 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Global Schedule 18 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Conclusion

All major procurements awarded and vendor fab in progress First systems delivery well ahead of required dates Long lead items (SRF cavities, Cryosystem) fit within schedule SR transmitter in August Linac in September BR transmitter in October Early success with 3rd Harmonic SRF cavity

System performance demonstrated at Canadian Light Source with NSLS-II digital cavity controller, nearly identical transmitter-cavity system 19 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Acknowledgements This work was performed by and under the guidance of Alexei Blednykh, John Cupolo, Ray Fliller, Bill Gash, Feng Gao, B. Holub,Y. Kawashima, Hengjie Ma, Andy Marone, Bob Meier, Payman Mortazavi, George Mulholland, Jorge Oliva, Satoshi Ozaki, Ed Quimby, Jim Rose, Timur Shaftan, Bob Sikora, Nathan Towne, Ernst Weihereter, Ferdinand Willeke and Takeshi Yanagisawa as well as the support of the entire NSLS-II team. We would also like to thank the SCRF groups at Cornell, KEK, CLS, TPS and DLS for their continuing help and encouragement, in particular Hasan Padamsee, Sergie

Belomestnykh, Valery Shemelin, Takaaki Furuya, Mark de Jong, Chaoen Wang and Morten Jensen We would like to acknowledge the excellent work by Niowave Inc. in the fabrication of the 3 HC under the DOE SBIR 20 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES

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