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ADVERTISING STAGE 2 ENGLISH PATHWAYS ADVERTISING CONTENT Content in an advert is exactly as it sounds Its everything that is in the ad and why its put there Think about certain advertisements, what kind of things

do they have in common? Examples could be, womens clothing advertisements, mens clothing, car advertisements ADVERTISING GLOSSARY Composition a written, spoken or visual text which is composed. Connotation something implied which is beyond the literal or

common meaning. Hotspot the location within a visual text to which our sight is instantly drawn. Icon a symbolic image or likeness which carries meaning beyond its literal interpretation. Incongruous something which is out of place or looks absurd.

ADVERTISING GLOSSARY Juxtaposition placement of two items side by side in order to convey a message about them. Layout the way visual and written texts are positioned in relation to each other on a page or screen. Multimodal the use of a mixture of channels of communication (such as written, audio, visual or diagrammatic texts) in one product.

Parody a humorous, exaggerated imitation of a particular style or composer. Satire using ridicule or irony to expose vices or faults. ADVERTISING GLOSSARY Slogan a distinctive, easily remembered phrase, used to advertised a product. Symbol a word, mark or shape used to represent something else.

Symmetrical a design allowing objects to have balance and harmony due to their positioning on the page or screen. Visual symbols shapes or designs which represent other meanings or messages. Visual texts texts which meaning is shaped and communicated by images rather than words.

TARGET AUDIENCE An advertising campaign is only successful if it reaches the target audience, or the people that the advertisers are hoping to reach Its unlikely that a Barbie advertisement would be in a car magazine. As the

target audience wouldnt generally be reading about cars. And vice versa TARGET AUDIENCE ACTIVITY Look at the following advertisements and answer the following questions:

1. What is the purpose of the advertisement? 2. Where do you think it might appear? 3. Who do you think the target audience might be? 4. What are the clues present in the advertisement that help you to figure it out?

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