A Search for Spices

A Search for Spices

Hook Video AGE OF EXPLORATION A SEARCH FOR SPICES 1400 - 1800 REASONS FOR EUROPEAN EXPLORATION European demand for gold, spices, natural resources

Support for diffusion (spread) of Christianity Political & economic competition between European empires WHY ARE SPICES IMPORTANT? Europeans want spices preserve & improve food, make medicine, cosmetics & perfumes

SPICE ISLANDS East Indies (present day Indonesia, Malaysia & New Guinea), & India WHERE DO THE SPICES GO? Video Muslims/Arabs trade spices, with Italians, then

Italian traders get spices & travel west across Mediterranean to sell for 40x original price! Portugal & Spain seek new route to Asia no more Muslim middlemen (Ottomans) REMEMBER: 3 Gs and a T MAIN REASONS FOR

EXPLORATION GOLD: some seek riches/power GLORY: Some want to learn about new people/ideas & take credit GOD: some want to spread Christianity

TECHNOLOGY: made voyages possible TECHNOLOGY: MERCATOR PROJECTION Cartographers make maps New kind of map that showed true direction (latitude/longitude)

TECHNOLOGY: ASTROLABE Used to determine latitude at sea Originally used by Ancient Greeks, then improved by Muslims

Brass circle w/ adjustable rings sights stars for direction TECHNOLOGY: CARAVEL larger, faster, & more maneuverable Multiple masts, triangular sails & new kind of rudder enabled

sailors to steer into the wind Cannons on side Video TECHNOLOGY: COMPASS Magnetic

First developed by Chinese & Europeans improved it for sailing WHO STARTS SAILING FIRST? PORTUGAL leads the way Prince Henry (the Navigator) builds school for navigators, cartographers & explorers sponsored voyages along west coast of

Africa searching for route to Asia for spices & gold from Africa Video? (marked as private) BARTOLOMEU DIAS rounded southern tip of Africa Cape of Good Hope (they were hopeful they would find a route to Asia; good hope they were still alive)

Got beaten up by a storm & had to go back VASCO DA GAMA 1497 - sails around Cape of Good Hope all the way to Calicut, India buys spices (like pepper & cinnamon) & sells them at 4,000X the original price! CHRISTOPHER

COLUMBUS Spain joins the race! Hires Columbus (Italian) to sail west hoping to hit EAST INDIES Instead reached WEST INDIES (Bahamas off Florida) But thought he reached Asia tensions growing between Spain & Portugal

MORE ON COLUMBUS Made several more voyages through Caribbean islands Wrote King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella (Spain) that native people, the Tainos, were easy to convert & enslave

Video Discovery of America Videos The Mutiny video: http:// www.history.com/topics/exploration/christopher-colu mbus/videos/columbus-faces-down-the-mutinous-cr ew?m=528e394da93ae&s=undefined&f=1&free=fals e In a nutshell video: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7HxCsPho34&index= 8&list=PLA4RH8KVy9m7QvjHxif8bDzQ8QtG01neG

FERDINAND MAGELLAN In search of westward route to Spice Islands 1519 reaches water passage at southern tip of South America (Strait of Magellan) Connects to Pacific Ocean & his crew CIRCUMNAVIGATES the globe

He dies in Philippines Out of 237 men, only 18 make it home JACQUES CARTIER 1534 French explorer

Reached a gulf off east coast of Canada Led to a river he named St. Lawrence & he followed it inland to Mont Royal (Montreal) Helped to start New France SIR FRANCIS DRAKE

1580s English captain Raided Spanish ships & colonies Eventually leads British navy to victory over Spanish Armada in 1588 NATIONALISM The Dutch (Netherlands) create a

bustling trading empire throughout Indian ocean Pride in your country Driving force behind competition for exploration Colonies set up in newly conquered lands to establish control (harsh)

All leads to decimation of indigenous (native) peoples Music Videos Discovering America https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWY50mH5awQ I Cant Wait to Colonize https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsyEGQmcmzE Im Spanish and I Know It https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnAxX5IcOOI

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