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  • Polymers and Polymerization

    Polymers and Polymerization

    POLYMER. Poly = Many mer = Units. I.e. a material made up of many units. Properly defined as: Chemical compound composed of large organic molecules formed by the union of many repeating small monomer units.
  • Acids and Bases -

    Acids and Bases -

    In some acids and bases, there are more than one hydrogen ions or hydoxide ions in the compound. Calculate the pH of the following strong acid or strong base solutions. 0.015 M HCl 0.65 M KOH 2.5 x 10-4 M...
  • Backup document: LCLS Next Generation Control System platform ...

    Backup document: LCLS Next Generation Control System platform ...

    PLC. Role of PLC. Reliable interlock (Vacuum) Safety System??? AB or Siemens? Both expensive. Should we consolidate to one supplier? Cheaper solution. Low end of AB? DirectLogic from AutomationDirect? Siemens seems a bit better in terms of product line, software...
  • Security Control Families - softwareAB

    Security Control Families - softwareAB

    Recovery may involve such actions as restoring systems from clean backups, rebuilding systems from scratch, replacing compromised files with clean versions, installing patches, changing passwords, and tightening network perimeter security (e.g., firewall rule sets, boundary router access control lists).
  • Economic Utility -

    Economic Utility -

    Examples: banks used to close before 5:00 pm. Many people who needed to use bank services could not get to the bank before it closed. To provide time utility, banks may stay open later, open on Saturdays, and allow for...
  • Bell Ringer!

    Bell Ringer!

    Bell Ringer! Find all 10 errors. In 1919, president Woodrow Wilson proclamed November 11 Armistice Day to celebrate the end of, the fighting in World War I. Congress change the name of Armistice Day in 1954 in order to include...
  • Orientation Webinar for WUCO Clerkship Preceptors

    Orientation Webinar for WUCO Clerkship Preceptors

    Orientation Webinar for WUCO Clerkship Preceptors. Patient Care Services III and IV. Dr. Ida Chung, Instructor of Record. Mrs. Kelee Visconti, Manager of Clinical Education Programs
  • Week 6 October 7-11

    Week 6 October 7-11

    consistent . estimator converges toward the parameter being estimated as the sample size increases. Figure 8.6. Chapter 8. Estimators and Sampling Distributions. Estimators and Sampling Distributions: Another desirable property of an estimator is consistency. A consistent estimator converges to the...